The Definition of a Safe Auto Insurance Company


A small group of people formed an insurance company in 1993 called “The Safe Insurance Company”. This group, like most large insurance companies today, started small but grew steadily to become one of the biggest insurance businesses. They have grown to be a large business and have expanded their operations in 14 states, including Arizona, Georgia. Indiana, Kentucky. Louisiana. Mississippi. Missouri. Ohio. Oklahoma. Pennsylvania. South Carolina. Tennessee. They currently have over 1,000 employees and have several satellite companies.

They have always been known for meeting the minimum state requirements for liability insurance. This is their specialty because most people want to only pay the minimum rate for auto insurance.

Safe Insurance also offers comprehensive and collision coverage. Their clients have the option to pay their bills online or by calling them. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your life, with your family and friends, and explore other ways to enhance your life.

They also offer 24/7 access to clients, available 365 days a year. It is a rare option in this service-oriented business. However, clients love it. A family that struggles to make ends fit can feel relieved by the fact they can split the payments. They don’t have to pay the full amount up front, which can often put pressure on a family’s finances.

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Safe Insurance offers a unique approach to selling auto insurance. Agents have always been the primary way to sell insurance policies. Safe Insurance aims to eliminate the need for agents. They offer the “direct-to-consumer” option. It is possible to pass on savings by keeping the agent out of the picture.

Safe Insurance focuses most of its attention on advertising on TV, radio and in print. Their newest slogan is “We keep your legal for less.” You’ve probably seen it in a commercial. This is a service-oriented company, so look for more. Their clients are their greatest concern.

Safe Insurance is a great company, but it’s important to remember that you should get multiple quotes from different companies. Before you make a decision about the right auto insurance policy for you, it is advisable to compare at least three companies online. It is also a smart idea to compare the financial strength of different companies on an AM Best Website. You will be able to find the best auto insurance policy that suits your needs while also saving money if you follow the steps above.

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