The Hartford/AARP Renters Insurance Review


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The Hartford and AARP have teamed up to provide renters insurance coverage. However, in most states you don’t need to be an AARP member to obtain it. The AARP offers applications, companies, and discounts for seniors. To be eligible for affix, you must have at least 50 years of age.

The Hartford/AARP offers many options for renters insurance coverage. It also has a user-friendly web presence. However, you should weigh that against a higher-than-expected number of shopper complaints as well as comparatively few ways to reduce your premiums.

The Hartford/AARP Renters Insurance Coverage Professionals and Cons

Score from Hartford/AARP Renters Insurance

Renters insurance coverage from Hartford/AARP was awarded four stars out of five for efficiency. Our editorial staff decides NerdWallet’s rankings. The score system for renters insurance covers coverage choices and reductions, easy submission of claims, website transparency, and grievance knowledge from Nationwide Affiliation of Insurance Commissioners.

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These concerns are the main reason why The Hartford/AARP is one of NerdWallet’s top renters insurance coverage companies for 2021.

Renters insurance coverage is available through Hartford/AARP

Renters insurance from Hartford/AARP is available in 49 states and Washington, D.C. However, it’s necessary to be an AARP member in order to receive protection in Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Mississippi. Florida is not covered by Hartford/AARP renters’ insurance.

Protection for renters insured by The Hartford/AARP

Protective customary

The Hartford/AARP provides the same 4 types of protection for primary renters as other firms.

  • Private property that is damaged, lost or destroyed by gadgets
  • Legal responsibility of renters for authorized bills and judgments in a declar in opposition to them
  • If you are required to move because of a covered declare, there is no assistance to pay your residing expenses.
  • No matter the fault, medical funds are available to other parties for injuries sustained in your property.

As an additional part of their standard coverage, Hartford/AARP offers a waiver of your deductible. If you have a covered declare exceeding $27,500, The Hartford/AARP will waive up to $5,000 of your deductible.

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Protection that is not obligatory

You can add a variety of protection to your renters insurance coverage by Hartford/AARP. It provides additional protection in addition to the usual options like protection against identity fraud and protection for high-value personal gadgets such as jewellery.

  • Equipment, digital tools and techniques at home that fail to work.
  • Water backing up, or your sump pump overflowing can cause injury.
  • You can have the valuables you want coated separately (after an appraisal), or in a group, like jewellery or crystal.
  • The total value of replacing misplaced or damaged private gadgets is greater than their depreciated value.
  • In an earthquake, possessions are lost (protection is not available in all states).
  • For a relative who was formerly a resident of your household and is now living in assisted residing facilities, you will need to provide legal responsibility, private property, and additional residing bills.
  • These bills are due to a cost of slander and libel.

Reduced renters insurance coverage by The Hartford/AARP

There are a few ways to save a lot on renters insurance coverage. You can get discounts in many states if you combine your renters coverage and AARP auto coverage. A monitored safety system, or a 24-hour safety services can reduce your premium. You can also renew your coverage.

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Complaints about the Hartford/AARP Renters Insurance Coverage

Based on three years of data from the Nationwide Affiliation of Insurance Commissioners, the Hartford/AARP was able to outperform the expected number of state regulators who receive dwelling insurance coverage coverage complaints relative to its size. (NAIC dwelling insurance complaints also cover other dwelling coverage types, including cell dwelling and renters insurance.

The Hartford/AARP Renters Insurance Coverage shopper expertise

Website:The Hartford’s website provides quotes right on the home page. It also allows for easy declare submission and monitoring. You’ll also find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a video called “Insurance coverage Illustrated.” If you visit the AARP’s website, you will be redirected directly to The Hartford’s renters policy web page.

AppendicesEach iOS and Android device can download the Hartford’s app. This means you can file claims and monitor them, pay your bills, and review coverage paperwork.

FAQ about Hartford/AARP Renters Insurance

What are the different types of insurance coverage that The Hartford/AARP offers?

Through its partnership with AARP, The Hartford sells private umbrella and auto insurance. The Hartford offers a variety of enterprise insurance coverages.

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How can I obtain a Hartford/AARP renters policy quote?

The Hartford/AARP renters’ insurance coverage can be gotten a quote via The Hartford’s website or by calling The Hartford/AARP’s dedicated cellphone number.

Is it possible to combine my renters and auto insurance with The Hartford/AARP

Yes. You can bundle your insurance policies to save as much as 20% on renters insurance and as much as 5% on auto insurance.