The Insurance Agent Survival Kit: What You Need to Make a Sale

Your prospect will evaluate your professionalism, personality, and ability to manage the meeting.

Are you unsure of the tools that are essential for getting in touch with a prospect? We’ll help you build your agent survival kit by identifying the four tools that experts use to get in touch with new prospects and close the deal.

Essential Tool #1 Computer and Agency Software

You can take your office wherever you go by simply bringing a laptop computer with your agency’s software. Even though you might be meeting prospects at a coffee shop or restaurant, you can still use the rating software to play with the options for coverage and deductibles and show them how the premium will change.

You can also bring a laptop to appointments to save the time of writing notes and keeping track of the prospects.

  • Keep the contact information and application information of your prospect.
  • Keep comments and observations about the prospect in your notes for later reference
  • Give the prospect a detailed quote immediately

If you arrive at an appointment without the tools, it can lead to a “I’ll need to get back with you on that” situation. This can negatively impact the prospects willingness to buy a policy from your company. It also gives them the opportunity to shop for a policy that meets their needs.

Essential Tool #2: Literature

You can give your prospect literature about the coverage they are looking for to help them see the benefits of your services.

Perhaps you want to offer your prospects:

  • Brochures for companies
  • Fact sheets
  • Comparison charts
  • Testimonials of current clients

You can give your prospect literature to help them understand why you are the right choice.

Essential Tool #3 – Policy application and information

You should have a copy of the prospect’s application for coverage if they have not yet done so. If your sales pitch is successful and the prospect purchases a policy, it’s a good idea to have all necessary paperwork available.

Agents often overlook the importance of using black ink for policy and application forms. This is because black ink looks better on photocopies. Keep a few black pens with you on your way out of the office, just in case!

If you’re able to start the policy process right away, you will need a “welcome pack” for your new client. It should include useful information such as contact numbers, addresses, and even insurance tips and savings tips.

Essential Tool #4: Freebies

People love free stuff. This is why it’s important to have some on hand to offer new clients.

Don’t throw away the cheap plastic pens and magnets; agents these days are giving away:

  • Sticky notepads
  • Stress balls
  • Thermal mugs
  • Tees for golf
  • Dual keychain/flashlights

A great way to show appreciation to a client is to leave them promotional items.