The Most Important Disability Insurance Sale You’ll Ever Make

Take some time to consider

Which DI sale was or will you be the most important? Is it already happening or are you still waiting?

Is there a specific characteristic that defines the most important sale? Plan design? How many lives? Persuasive prowess?
What about one sale’s potential to generate future sales, success and earnings?

The sale that opens up the most doors to the future for me is the most important sale you will ever make. But how do you find this sale?

It won’t be in your CRM system. It won’t be found at your Chamber of Commerce meeting. It’s unlikely you will find it at your Chamber of Commerce meeting. The most important sale you will ever make is looking in the mirror every day. Selling yourself is the most important sale you will ever make. It’s the only sale that can trigger an endless stream of sales, success stories, and earnings.


1. It is impossible to sell anything if you don’t believe it. A compelling story is essential. Believers, passion, and personal connections will sell more than any other technique, statistic, or lead generation program.

2. Solid DI coverage is the only way to ensure your ability to earn income. You are likely to be able to work if you have solid DI coverage. You might be wrong.

It was difficult to find a life agent without a DI policy. DI was an integral part of almost every client’s insurance plan. They believed in the importance and were well-trained. They couldn’t have been caught without it.

The picture is very different today. Nearly no one sells DI exclusively. Agents and brokers also sell life, health, and personal insurance. Sometimes they even add DI to the mix. Agents can push DI coverage to their clients much more easily than they used to. Today’s agents often offer coverage to clients they don’t have. The key word is OFFER. They offer it, but rarely sell it. These are the simple reasons. There is no story. Passion is not possible. There is no personal connection. A client can spot a cold sale faster than an agent.

Statistics will certainly grab their attention, but only for a short time. The majority of clients will then explain the statistics to them, citing inapplicable resources, different circumstances, and a host other scenarios. What is going to motivate clients to get past every objection? To make them forget all other competing resources and to start writing? Only one thing: Your story is the only thing that matters.

Marketing and sales success stories are built on personal connections. Take a look at the TV commercials. How many commercials feature pets, children, grandchildren, and their families? Stories, emotions and personal connections sell. Are you able to sell your products with compelling elements?

  • Do you own a DI policy? If not, you should now. You’ll be able to buy wholesale because you will get the commission!
  • Are you passionate enough about DI that you would like to give a testimonial?
  • What made you procrastinate the first time? Why did you finally get coverage?
  • Are you a disabled person?
  • Are you so sick you can’t work?
  • Are any family members so sick they can’t work?
  • Which story are you sharing with your clients?

Tell your story. Because you care, make the connection. Your clients and you both need DI protection more that life insurance. Get the most important sale in your life… and unlock the doors to your future.