The Qualities Every Insurance Agent Should Have

These are the qualities that every insurance agent must possess. These qualities will be covered from the inside to the outside. It’s about being a person you can respect and feel confident in the person you see in the mirror.


Compassionate: It is caring for someone. It’s listening to someone’s needs and finding the best solution. This quality can make it difficult for insurance agents to succeed in their businesses. This is because the true success of insurance agents depends on their ability to show compassion for their customers.

Respectful: Although it seems strange that this should be required, I am always amazed at how many times someone has walked into a situation and told their customer what they thought. Respecting your customer is about listening to their needs. Ask questions, get clarification and don’t bring in your biases to the meeting. Respect your customer’s beliefs and be open to learning from them.

Attention: Be attentive, listen, engage, and be alert. Understanding that the customer is trying to convey important information to you is your job as an insurance agent. You might sell them the wrong policy if you don’t get it right. If that happens, nobody wins. Customers will cancel their policy as soon as they realize what they need and find another agent. It saves you time and hassle later.


Look well groomed. Make sure your beard is neat and tidy if you have one. Your hair should be clean. You will need to wash your hair before meeting with your client. Make a good first impression.

Be appropriate: Dress appropriately if you’re a woman. Avoid wearing too much. Dress appropriately: You are visiting family members and may not appreciate visitors who dress in ways that might be offensive. You can wear a nice blouse and slacks, or business casual. Closed toed shoes are a good choice for men. Shorts should be worn only in summer, and only when paired with a nice top.

Distraction-free: You must be free from all distractions. This means you turn off your Bluetooth headset, keep your phone on silent or off, and leave your music player in your car. You should ensure that your only concern when you enter a home is to help the customer. It may be a better idea to cancel the appointment if you aren’t feeling up to it. Don’t bring any drama into the appointment. It’s not your place.

This combination will help you to make your insurance company more profitable, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately earn you more money. It’s not about making more money. But it is nice to do the right thing.