The Role of an Independent Insurance Agent

Independent insurance agents are focused on serving their clients. This means helping them to find the right insurance policy for them. To do this, you must be able to listen and understand your client. Your job is not to determine their needs or find the best policy for them. Listening and understanding your client’s needs is key. You also need to educate them about insurance products so they can make informed decisions about which policy will best suit their needs. It is your goal to empower and educate them so that they can make the right decision about which insurance products to purchase. This is how it should be viewed. You can’t market auto insurance if you only sell it. If you make your agency a marketplace with all your insurance lines and educate people about how they need insurance for every investment they have, they will see that they require more than the auto insurance they originally thought. Your best chance to grow your agency is by educating your clients about insurance.

Here are some ways to educate clients, grow your market, and build your agency’s brand:

1. Make a Website – It is important to have a website that is attractive and informative. This will help people learn more about your agency. Every business in today’s digital world is online. It is how people shop for products and services. You must keep your website updated once you have made it attractive and includes pictures. Your website should be updated with current information and announcements. A blog about insurance should be updated each week. It should focus on a topic relevant to your clients. A blog allows people to easily find your website and establishes you as an authority.

2. Social Media – You don’t need to get into too much detail about insurance topics in social media posts. Instead, use your blog. You should leave some guidelines about insurance on your agency and personal accounts. It is best to create a Facebook/twitter/etc. You can “like” your business profile from your personal Facebook page. Interactions between the profiles can be made so that clients see the person behind your agency’s name, and personal friends can see your insurance knowledge and professionalism. You might find a friend who likes something you post. His cousin will see the status, and you get a client. It’s happened, and it will continue. Your agency is being spread digitally by word of mouth.

3. Advertise to People – The BBB, local crime watch, and general town meetings are great ways to reach out to the community. You could usually sponsor refreshments and give a 2-minute presentation about your agency. Remember, you are not selling.

4. Community involvement – Sponsor a booth at your neighborhood carnival, or place an advertisement in the high school football program. Publicize your agency to make sure you’re known in the community. If you are able distribute materials at your booth, be sure to include a link to your website/blog.

5. Sponsor a high school student car wash in your office parking area to drive traffic to your office. Clients who come in for a consultation will receive a free car wash.