The Ultimate Insurance Marketing System For Generating Referrals and Retention

Perhaps you’re just like me

After 24 years in insurance, I feel like I have been following a Unicorn all my life. Is there a Ultimate Insurance Marketing System? Is it possible for it to exist? What would it look like if it existed? What would it do? It would have to be absolutely amazing if you were going to put the words “Ultimate” on something. Right?

I don’t mean to answer more questions than I can answer. I will instead stop asking them. What would you like to see in the Ultimate Insurance Marketing System? These are some of the things I came up with as a P&C broker focusing on Commercial Insurance. These were some of the “attributes”, I wanted.

  • In this tightening economy, affordability is a crucial component
  • It’s easy to use – have you used a full-featured CRM app lately? I was not looking for CRM Software to start a new job.
  • Flexible and adaptable – It has to be flexible and multi-functional.
  • Web-based/Hosted – I’m sick of remote access and database management

Here are some of the functions I wanted it be able to do – Tasks that I wanted my Ultimate Insurance Marketing System (UIMS) to complete for me:

  • Client Nurturing
  • Prospecting
  • Follow up on Lead Warming/X-Date
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Cross Selling Campaigns
  • Testimonial Request letters
  • Claims follow up
  • We appreciate all of our clients, new and old.
  • Referral Marketing / Referral Contests

I could have added a few, but I didn’t want to be greedy. I also can’t imagine the complexity and cost of a system that would effectively accomplish all of this. It’s time to get my wishlist in line with my budget.

Why was this mental exercise necessary? After putting so much effort and time into a CRM app, I didn’t see the results I desired.

I was looking for more referrals… and I learned from my reading that I had to build better, stronger personal relationships with my clients, prospects, and referral partners. For me, sending out letters in A10 window envelopes with Metered Stamps was not enough.

This is getting too long so I’ll cut to the chase. I think I have found my Unicorn in Insurance Marketing. This is a system that I will confidently introduce with the label Ultimate.

Actually, I made a short video of 5 minutes for you. Many people have struggled to imagine such a system using text. It is easier to see than to believe. You can see the video and then watch me demonstrate the Ultimate Marketing System in just 5 minutes.

  • Web-Based
  • Affordability
  • It’s easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Client Nurturing
  • Thank You / Appreciation
  • Referral generation

Just think about it for a moment. Consider the potential benefits to your insurance agency or practice. This is a great idea for agents who are trying to improve their marketing. Imagine being able to take the time to acknowledge and thank your clients in less than 3 minutes. Now you can finally start the practice of thanking your customers for their business. You can do this, for example, when you place a new policy or renew your existing one. This is now an easy process that’s almost automatic, meaning it’s 80% easier to do. This is the power of semi-automating the process while still maintaining a high degree of personalization. What personalizes Thank Yous and Well wishes that don’t get sent?

How about the Birthday Card Marketing Program you heard all the prospecting and insurance marketing gurus talk about? It is important to ping your clients and prospects on the most important day of the year. This is a must-do for agents. You are missing an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with clients and their families if you don’t do it consistently. You can now track your clients, their spouses, and even their children every year at their birthdays using my new method. That’s quite powerful. The unique items you can use for contact make a lasting impression on your client. Even stronger is the power of relationship building.

The system that works is the one that you will use daily. I have stopped trying to be the insurance marketing unicorn. After all the years, I finally gathered it up and named it Ultimate.

I know you would like to stop searching for marketing success and start receiving all the referrals that you can handle. This article should inspire you to get started on client appreciation systems.

Whatever you do, remember that Appreciation wins over Self Promotion when marketing insurance to your clients.