Time To Get Your Love’s House In Order


Once you have spent enough time cleaning out your subconscious of emotional clutter, you can now get Love’s House in order. What is Love’s House? According to Miss Iyanla Vanzant Love’s House refers to our inner self. The pain that comes from digging up emotional junk from our subconscious can lead to a lot of internal suffering. We will find ourselves drawn to those who are in pain as well. It will be hard to fully stand in Love’s House when we are in pain. Once we have gotten rid of all the pain that has been preventing us from living a balanced life, it’s time to let fresh air in.

Ms. Vanzant described Love’s House as a five-story house that consists of The Basement, First Floor (second floor), Second Floor, Third Floor, and The Attic. Starting at The Basement, each floor deals with specific emotions and situations. We will begin to climb the higher floors as we start to heal and see ourselves in a healthier light. If we are still carrying emotional residue from the lower floors after climbing up to those higher floors, life will send us back to those floors to clean up or heal these emotions. Once we have cleared out the lower levels of our being, we can then climb up to the higher floors.

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Everything will seem like it’s crashing on our heads when we are in the middle of “meantime”. Everything seems to be going wrong, and nothing seems to be going well. You may have lost your job or suffered an emotional loss. Or you might have been diagnosed with a serious illness. These are real issues that affect our lives and are not something we can play poker with. It will be hard to deal with the insensitivity of people who don’t understand you, your situation, or where you’re going. They will use their thinking, being, and reasoning to help you. Don’t allow your mind to play mind games. You can’t play any game well. You can have more of your life than you think. It is vital to talk with others on a Spiritual Journey. Otherwise, your love life will collapse and send you spiraling into a “meantime” experience.

There is no limit to how long a given “meantime”, and if you place “should” around how long it should last, you’re not giving the “meantime” the attention it deserves. A “meantime” experience cannot be rushed. Because we have something to heal and something to learn about love and ourselves, we are placed in “meantime” situations. The “meantime” is something we must endure. Sometimes we’ll go through multiple “meantimes” and not know what to do next. We may think we’ve made it through one “meantime”, but another one knocks us back to square one. Although it may seem impossible to make it to Square Two at first, you will.

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Nothing is more thrilling than living on the Third Floor. Yes, I would love to live in The Attic Of Love’s House. But, I’m okay with living on the Third Floor. It’s magical. Life is electrifying, spectacular and wonderful. Other terms are used to refer to Ms. Vanzant’s metaphor for Love’s House. Martha Beck uses the Four Square’s metaphor, and Dan Millman in his book ” The Sacred Journey of The Peaceful Warrior“, speaks of The Tower of Seven Floors. Although I respect Ms. Vanzant’s and Ms. Becks teachings, the truth of Dan Millman’s teachings is what really speaks to me. He talks about our desire to live in the Penthouse Suite. If the Penthouse is full, but we have not cleaned out the lower levels of ourselves, the elevator will take us back to the Penthouse. After they are cleaned, we can return to the Penthouse Suite for good living.

Lao Tzu. “Being deeply loved and supported by another person gives you strength, while loving them deeply gives you courage.” Imagine a deep, loving relationship with yourself. You’d be amazed at how much your life will change once you discover the love you already have. You won’t live half your life. You will live your life fully. You will begin to experience life in all its splendor and will be able to have wonderful and new experiences every day. You will find joy in even the smallest things, and you’ll be happy. Because you know that you’ll be surrounded by good people, you won’t be afraid to be alone. You will feel a sense of abundance and love, and you’ll be able bring that love into everything you do. If necessary, you can turn around a bad situation.

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If you love, don’t think for a second that you are weak. This is complete rubbish. Unfortunately, some people will try to take advantage of your weakness and use you to con you. Many people believe love is only for the foolish and weak, and live with a hardened heart towards everyone. This is not a way to live. It is love that makes us strong. But it is also the love we have for our own self. This is the love that will drive us to leave behind a less loving environment.

Living life on the Third Floor of Love’s House is to love unconditionally and have a fulfilling life. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will accept people who are not loving in our lives. They can be loved from far away while we continue with our lives. It can be a difficult task to get our Love House in order, or it may take us a while depending on our Journey. Isn’t this a worthwhile Journey?