Top 10 Stock Market Investment Research Web Sites


MSN money: –

Microsoft is a self-serving corporation that I find attractive. However, if you take the time to look through all the Microsoft-related news at MSN Money, you will find another great opportunity for portfolio building.

One complaint I have about the MSN Money website’s formatting is that it is a bit confusing. Stock quotes are not distinguished from news or live charts by using any lines. This can sometimes lead to you clicking on an advertisement that isn’t correct.

Zacks Investment Research:-

Zack’s requires a membership to access the delicious stuff. However, the membership is completely free and well-worth the time it takes to sign up. You will be able to do in-depth research on stocks and funds. Access to both public and independent reports will be available, which will assist you in your quest for the right personal investment portfolio.

Investor Guide:

Investor Guide contains some similar features to other websites. So why is it in my top 10? Stock helper apparatus. This apparatus will help you choose the best investing style and method. It then gives you a list with stocks or companies for analysis. After your analysis list is complete you can see what other people think about each corporation. Investor Guide does an excellent job at aggregating this information from many different websites for you. Then you can assess the company’s struggles, make a decision about what to buy, and reap the rewards.

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Looking for Alpha:-

It is amazing to work with Seeking Alpha. My first problem is the overwhelming amount of information on a single page. This can sometimes make it difficult to navigate. It would have been much better if there wasn’t so much data and information on Seeking Alpha. This website’s core focus is company news. If you have a record of companies or a list, this is a good place to begin.

Online Brokerages –

My account has been with Sharebuilder for many years and the analysis tools they offer are excellent. Their interface was slow and full of glitches at the beginning. They have done an incredible job streamlining data and information to near perfection. You can trust their analysis tools regardless of who you are spending time with online.


Yahoo! Yahoo! Finance

Motley Fool

The Street

Wall Street Journal

MSN money