Top 5 Questions For Calculating Your Car Accident Claims

A personal injury calculator will help you determine the value of your car accident claim. These are the top five questions that people ask when calculating the amount of their auto insurance settlement.

1. How does the Personal Injury Calculator determine my Car Accident Claim?

The following formula can be used to determine the basis of car accident injury claims:

Pain Multiplier X Medical Costs + Loss in Income

The “pain multiplier”, a number that is usually between 1.5 and 5, is the amount of pain you feel. This multiplier number is determined based on your severity of injuries from a car accident.

A minor injury such as a sprain neck will get a lower multiplier (1.5-3). A more severe and serious injury like a fractured leg would receive a multiplier of 3-5. For more serious and long-term injuries, the multiplier range could even be higher (ten).

Next, the claims formula will include your medical expenses. Also known as “special damages”, These expenses can include visits to the hospital, ambulance ride and X-Rays as well as pain medication.

The last thing to be added to your insurance settlement is income loss. This refers to how much income you have lost because of your injuries. If your injuries force you to miss work because of your injuries, your lost income will equal your daily wage rate multiplied by the number of days that you were absent.

2. What is the best time to use a personal injury calculator?

It is best to use the injury calculator at the end your medical treatment. Before you file an injury claim, it is important to have all your injuries properly diagnosed and treated. This allows you to get a better estimate of your medical expenses and should be included in the final settlement.

3. Who should NOT use the personal injury calculator?

Minor injuries are the most common type of personal injury claim and don’t require you to hire an expensive lawyer right away. You can use the injury calculator for a rough estimate on how much your auto accident settlement may be.

There are certain insurance claims that cannot be handled by an inexperienced lawyer. These claims are for more serious and prolonged injuries, such as permanent disabilities, loss of limbs or severed limbs, and traumatic head injury. A lawyer experienced in handling claims related to severe injuries is your best choice if you have been seriously injured.

4. How accurate is the Personal Injury Calculator

The injury calculator will not provide you with the final settlement. However, it will give you an estimate of the value of your injuries to the insurance companies.

Many people argue that the injury calculator may be too simple. The calculator does not consider the subtleties and complexities of personal injury claims. Others quickly bring up Colossus which is a sophisticated program used by insurance companies for evaluating insurance claims.

The biggest benefit to using the personal injuries calculator is not to tell your story. What will be your specific settlement amount. Your biggest benefit is that we can help you understand. How your specific settlement amount will be calculated. The settlement calculator emphasizes the fact that your final settlement amount will be determined primarily on:

  1. How serious your injuries are
  2. Your total medical expenses.
  3. Your lost income.

These factors will play a major role in any injury settlement regardless what software you use.

5. How do I use the Personal Injuries Calculator?

There is always the option to bring in a lawyer later in the claims process. To get an instant estimate of the value of your auto accident claims, you can use our settlement calculator.