Top 7 Rules to Give to Your Employees Who Drive a Company Car

Many businesses offer cars and other vehicles for employees. It is important to take care of the vehicle so it does not break down. People are more likely to abuse the privileges and misuse vehicles that they don’t own. Employees who use company vehicles should be aware of the rules and follow them when needed.

It is forbidden to smoke in the car. Some employees may smoke. Smoking in a vehicle can pose many hazards, potential damages and hygiene issues, which can put others at risk and decrease the vehicle’s value. Your company should have the same no-smoking policy as your building.

Cleanliness is a must. Some employees might not be as inclined to maintain their company vehicle the same way they would their personal vehicle. Employees should remember that their company’s reputation is at stake when driving company vehicles. Keep the cars clean and free from debris.

This is enforced by some companies who detail the vehicle if it has been neglected, and then send the bill directly to the employee. Some employees may find the threat of an expensive detailing on their vehicle enough to ensure that they keep their cars clean and in good standing.

All cars must be inspected at the least twice per year. The employer can inspect the car and make sure it has been well maintained. If the vehicle is not in good condition, it should be discarded. This could be a motivator for people to take better care of their cars.

Failure to maintain vehicles on time is unacceptable. All vehicles should be properly inspected and maintained by mechanics. Drivers who neglect to maintain their vehicles should be held responsible for any damage they cause. Many drivers will be motivated to maintain company vehicles, even if it means expensive repairs or engine replacement.

Drivers are accountable for traffic citations. Employers still have to follow the law when driving any vehicle. They must obey all traffic laws, parking and otherwise. An employee who breaks the law is subject to a citation. Driving the company vehicle may not be possible if an employee refuses to pay or continues to receive citations. This behavior can lead to the termination of employees by some companies.

The car should not be used by an unauthorized driver. Employees must give permission for anyone to drive the car. This applies to spouses, children, and other family members. It is not permissible for an unlicensed mechanic to work on the vehicle.

Employee purchase options are available. This is a great incentive to employees to maintain the company’s fleet of vehicles. Employees who have the option to purchase the vehicle after a set period of time might be more inclined than others to care for it.

Remember that employees will make better decisions when they have incentives. Your employees will be more likely to take better care of your property if you praise them.