Top Five Ways to Develop Insurance Sales Marketing


#1: Insurance sales marketing must be emotional

Financial Sales Marketing Path

Although people have different approaches to things, we all share the same emotional nature. If there’s a conflict between the two, our reptilian brain is stronger than our rational brain. In such cases, it often wins. Market effectively by giving people an emotional reason to act. Emotional radar is a key ingredient in attracting others to your sphere of influence. Here are some emotions you should focus on when marketing.

Ambition, anger, passion, caution, confusion, curiosity, desire, frustration, expectation, intimidated, overwhelmed, anxious, self-interest, sympathy, sincerity.

#2: Insurance Sales Marketing: Using Video

To be emotionally motivated, people require more than words. Your agency or practice can have a competitive edge by using images, video production, music, and graphics. You have a great opportunity to broadcast your message via a YouTube channel. The production of your video doesn’t have to be perfect. Instead, you can use the video as a platform to express yourself and your emotions. You control the program. What type of videos would you watch? It’s probably not a lecture about finances from someone wearing a suit.

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#3: Financial Service Industry Trends – Social Media

Agents are increasingly incorporating social media in their practices because they realize how important it can be to their reach.

Social media is one of most efficient and effective ways people can find out more about you. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offer another way to build and broadcast your brand, followers, and advocates. First, become a fan (or a center of influence) of the people or companies you wish to build your fan page. You can also like their videos and comments, as well as repost their content on your Facebook Fan page. You will be more likely to be followed back by them and some of their followers. This allows you to build your own page and send a message, without having to do any work. Twitter is the same way. The more people you follow, retweet and like, the more followers you’ll have. It is easier to get people interested in learning more about you the larger your network.

#4: Start a Financial Services Website

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Many insurance companies will offer you a standard company website with their affiliate-marketing campaigns integrated. These websites are not likely to generate much traffic and don’t represent your brand. (More on this later). It is easy for people to distinguish a generic website with slogans from one that offers unique selling benefits. To optimize your SEO (search engine optimization), your website should be linked to your Facebook Fan page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn account. This will allow you automate your marketing campaigns. Every time you post on one social media platform, your website will update all other pages. Unique websites give you the ability to attract subscribers to your newsletters, and to emotionally motivate prospects to contact you.

If you are looking to have a website built by someone else, it is well worth the investment. If you have the time, it is easy to set one up yourself. If you want to save money and time, I recommend the middle route. BlueHost allows you to purchase a domain, get a theme for your site from, then have it up and running with BlueHost. After you’ve completed these steps, you will be able get a web designer to create a site for a lower price.

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#5: Get Your Own Financial Services E-Mail Newsletter

A newsletter allows you to stay in touch with prospects and clients, ensuring that your calendar is full. A newsletter that addresses the emotions mentioned above, and has a call-to-action for more information, will result in a significant increase of meetings.

Automate Your Newsletter

These five strategies will help you market your practice more effectively. You will soon be able to download some marketing copy samples for free. So hurry up and sign up for my Special Reports.