Top Insurance Marketers’ Trick to Double Agents Responding


It is surprising that so few insurance marketers are able to effectively market their products. They don’t know how to reduce their recruitment campaign budgets. The quality of the agents who respond to their offers is high.

Insurance marketing professionals who are smart recognize that $600 is a great investment to hire a high-producing broker. Find out how to cut down on the cost of hiring experienced agents and get more responses.

STEP SETTING FOR INSURANCE MARKERS. The most important step is to have a solid mailing list of insurance agents. Next is to write a compelling saves letters and have a mail shop mail your prospects agents. If you have the best possible list of agents and your message is compelling and inviting, why don’t you get a great response?

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE SALES Letter? Your prospect agent or broker doesn’t have a strong enough reason to respond to your sales letter! Don’t blame the list provider or your competitors. Many list recipients held off on responding, even though they were ready. Agents were motivated to respond to your offer. Your promotional trinket or item was not enough to get their attention.

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HOW TO RECEIVE FROM THE BEST AGENTS . Although the agent wasn’t sure what to do, you offered something that would not have been too much. You needed “A limited bonus to be one of the 50 first to respond, plus a super bonus.” You can find an Email Book that is worth $30 online today. This would be of great interest to your agents. The eBook can be purchased for personal use only. You can also purchase the eBook for $50 and distribute as many copies as you like. You now have a winner. You can give away 50 or 100 eBooks, but your investment was only $80.00. Now there is compelling and powerful bait.

VIEW THE ADDITIONAL ROLL IN. Agents will not be able to resist a free information packet, product guide, or low-cost imprinted item. Here’s a special offer: Get a $30 product just for contacting us about our product. Even the most successful producers are now motivated. The purpose of your mailing should be to get as many people to respond as possible right away. As a professional marketer, it is your responsibility to contact the agent and get him to write business. Nearly all people, even insurance agents, will not turn down an opportunity to receive something of value for free.

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HOW DO YOU PROVIDE THE NO OBLIGATION BOOK. They want their eBook ASAP after they have responded to a phone call or an email asking for their full name, email address and phone number. Two things are required for what you do. The first is to create a thank you page on your website where you have uploaded the eBook compressed in.pdf format. You can also create a hyperlink (click here to get the eBook) on this page. This link will automatically send your prospect an Ebook when he presses it. He opens the Ebook with Adobe to read. This can be set up before you send your mail. Pre-setting the second item is also possible. This is a “thank you email”. You will contact him shortly by phone and give him a link to his free eBook copy.

END RESULT. You get twice the response and three additional benefits.
(a) The agent receives a thank you email.
(b) He is forced to visit your site and may browse around.
(c) He is grateful for receiving something truly valuable for nothing. Therefore, he will be more responsive if you tell him about the benefits and services that you can offer.

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