Travelers Homeowners Insurance Review


Travelers home insurance is a solid choice if you are looking for a customized homeowners policy from a well-respected, established company. Travelers was established in 1864 and sells homeowner policies in all 50 states. Travelers allows you to manage your policy online, or talk with an independent agent about the coverage that is right for you.

Overall performance for Travelers homeowners insurance was 4.5 stars. Our editorial team determines NerdWallet’s ratings. The formula for scoring homeowners insurance takes into consideration policy coverage options and discounts as well as ease of filing a claim. It also considers website transparency, financial strength, and complaint data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Home insurance for travelers

Travelers offers additional coverage to your policy beyond the standard coverage for your home’s structure and your personal belongings:

Coverage for personal property.Standard personal property coverage covers your belongings in the event of theft or damage due to any disasters not specifically excluded by your policy. This add-on expands your coverage and covers damage caused by any other disasters.

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Cost of replacing contentsTravelers will pay you enough money to replace your items that have been stolen or damaged, rather than decreasing your payout for items older than 10 years.

Additional replacement cost coverage.This coverage will provide additional funds if your home is damaged beyond your coverage limit.

Additional coverage for valuables and jewelryIf your standard homeowners policy does not provide enough coverage, you can increase your coverage for certain valuable items.

Water backup, sump pump discharge and overflow.This insurance policy provides coverage in the event that sewer lines, sump pumps or drains back up and cause water damage to your house.

Identity fraudTravelers can reimburse you up to $25,000 for fraudulent use of your personal information.

Green home coverage.After a covered claim, this rider will pay for you to use eco-friendly materials in your repairs or reconstructions.

Travelers home insurance discounts

These discounts may be available to homeowners who are looking to cut down on their homeowners insurance.

  • Multipolicy discount
  • Claims-free discount.
  • For those who have purchased their home in the past 12 months, there is a discount
  • Discount on smoke detectors, fire alarms and interior sprinkler systems.
  • A LEED-certified green home, as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council, can be discounted up to 5%
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Home insurance complaints from travelers

According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, travelers had fewer home insurance complaints than expected relative to their size. This is based on three years of data. (NAIC home insurance complaints also include mobile homes, condo, and renters insurance.

Experience of a Travelers Home Insurance Consumer

Website:The Travelers’ website makes it simple to manage your policy. You can start by getting an online quote. The site can be used to find an agent, learn more about homeowners insurance and update your policy. You can also submit claims and track them. During business hours, you can chat with a live representative.

AppendicesThe Travelers mobile app is available on iOS and Android. It allows you to view policy information, pay bills and report claims. You can also set up autopay.

FAQ for homeowners insurance for travelers

Is Travelers homeowners insurance able to cover theft?

Your belongings are protected in the event of theft. This applies not only to your home, but also any other places you may take them. Learn more about what’s covered and what’s not on your homeowners insurance policy.

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Is Travelers insurance available for mobile homes?

No. To find companies that do, see NerdWallet’s guide to mobile home insurance.

What are the other types of insurance that Travelers offers?

Travelers sells insurance for car, condo, umbrella, and boat owners. See NerdWallet’s Travelers auto insurance review.