Travelers Insurance review: Home and car

While Travelers has solid options for insurance, they are not the most affordable. Although they don’t offer as much policy discounts as American Family, Travelers insurance customer service ranks highly in many surveys.

Options and discounts for travelers car insurance

These are the coverage options for car insurance.

  • Accident forgiveness coverage :
    • Responsible Driver Plan: Travelers forgives one accident every three years and one minor offense.
    • Premier Responsible Driver Plan – Same as Responsible Driver Plan but includes a Decreasing Depositible that reduces your deductible up to $50 for every six months without an accident.
  • Premier New Car Warranty: This coverage offers great value for new-car owners. You are eligible for a replacement car if your vehicle is totaled within the first five year.
  • Leasing or loan gap insurance: Covers what you owe for a loan or lease, and the car’s actual value, if you are involved in an accident.
  • Uber and Lyft drivers can purchase auto insurance through Travelers. Only available in Colorado, Illinois.
  • Rent a car: Rental car coverage if you are in an accident covered and your car isn’t available for 24 hours or more.
  • Roadside assistance: Help available if you break down.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage Combined, these two coverages can help to cover damages if your car is stolen, vandalized or damaged in an accident.
  • Liability coverage: Coverage for damage to another vehicle. If necessary, could also cover their medical bills.
  • Personal Injury: This policy covers medical expenses related to an accident, regardless of who is responsible.
  • Medical payments – Pays for medical bills, either for you or your passenger, if you are involved in an accident.
  • Uninsured and underinsured: This tool will help you determine if a driver is uninsured or underinsured.

With one of the many discount offered by Travelers, you can offset your Car Insurance Premiums.

  • Register for the IntelliDrive Program to receive discounts on safe driving habits and track your driving via an app.
  • Multi-policy Discounts: Get discounts for multiple policies with Travelers.
  • Multi-car Insurance: Multiple vehicles covered at a discount
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle: To own or lease a hybrid or electric vehicle.
  • Homeownership: Even if your home isn’t covered by Travelers, you can save money by purchasing a home.
  • Safe driver: Get a 10% discount if you are accident-free for three consecutive years. This discount increases to 23% if you’re in good standing for five years.
  • Continuous insurance: You can save up to 15% if you haven’t had any gaps in your coverage.
  • Good payer, EFT, and Paid In Full: Get discounts if you pay your policy in full, electronically transfer or on a consistent basis.
  • Get a quote early: If you get a Travelers quote before your current policy expires, you could qualify for a discount of 3-10%.
  • For students who are a good student, you could get a 8% discount if they maintain a “B” average.
  • Student who is away: Receive a discount of up to 7% if the dependent lives more than 100 miles from school and does not take their car.
  • Driver education: Get a discount of up to 8% on your driver training course.

Auto insurance for Travelers at a cost of $99

An average driver in the United States pays $565 annually for minimum coverage, and $1,674 for complete coverage. Travelers offers more affordable rates for drivers. For minimum coverage, the average premium per year is $469 and for full coverage it’s $1,325 Subscribing for Travelers’ full-coverage car insurance can help drivers save $300 per year.

Options and discounts for home insurance for travelers

You can save money by combining a home-insurance policy and your car insurance. These are the options for Home Insurance with Travelers.

  • Homeowners coverage: This covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing after damage is caused by a coverage cause.
  • Additional replacement cost – If your primary insurance doesn’t cover all of the repairs, you can get additional coverage.
  • Personal property: Insurance for personal items that are damaged or destroyed.
  • Personal Liability: Protection in case someone is hurt on your property.
  • Other structures – Coverage for any other structures on your property such as a fence or garage.
  • Loss-of-use: Covers expenses related to moving away from your home in the event of a covered loss.
  • Contents replacement: This pays out the replacement cost for damaged items rather than a deduction amount.
  • For jewelry and valuable items, you will get additional coverage.
  • Personal articles floater – Also covers named valuable objects, but can also be purchased separately to get higher coverage for specific valuable items.
  • Identity theft: Coverage up to $25,000 for expenses related to identity theft
  • Green home: Additional coverage for those who want to renovate or rebuild a house using green materials.

To offset higher premiums, Travelers offers homeowners discounts

  • Multi-policy Discounts: Travelers offers discounts for multiple types of insurance policies. Combining your Travelers auto and home insurance can help you save up to 15%
  • Home buyer: Discount for people who bought a home in the past 12 months
  • Loss-free: You’ll receive a discount if you don’t file a claim for a certain amount of time. Variable based on the state.
  • Protective device: To qualify for the discount, install a smoke detector or fire alarm, an interior sprinkler system, security systems, or any other smart home devices.
  • LEED certified homeowners can save as much as 5% on their green home.

Reviews, ratings, satisfaction, and complaints about Travelers

You’re likely to have an enjoyable experience when filing Travelers insurance claims. Customers who used Travelers were satisfied with their rental experience, the estimation process, and claims service after an accident with J.D. Power. In the region, Travelers consistently scored over 800.

Travelers Insurance received an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. However, customer reviews show that the Travelers Insurance customer service score is much lower. Most complaints are related to billing problems and misunderstandings by customers about their policy. This is why it is important to understand the details of your policy before you purchase one.

Travelers: A great option for safe drivers

Request a quote from Travelers Insurance. Travelers is a good choice for safe drivers. Drivers who have been in an accident-free period of at least five years can get a discount. You can also opt for Premier New Car Replacement coverage if you’ve just purchased a car.

Additional policies available from Travelers

Travelers offers the following plans if you need to protect other valuable items or events in your life:

Questions frequently asked

What information do I need in order to receive a Travelers quote?

Online, you can get a quote with your zip code or by calling an agent. Click the “find an agent” button to speak to a local agent.

How can I file a claim for Travelers?

You can file your Travelers insurance claim via the “claim center”, on the Travelers website, their app, or by calling.

How can I check the status of my Travelers insurance claim?

Check your claim status online, on the app or with an agent. You can also upload files and search for contractors using the Travelers resources.