Trusting Your Auto Insurance Company Following an Accident


What can you expect from your insurance company if you are in an accident? Trust them to get you out of an accident.

While we all believe we are the best drivers on the road, many others are not proficient in driving rules or safety. It’s scary to see that many of these drivers cannot read the directions regarding driving. These drivers can make it difficult to feel confident again and cause you to wonder if your safety will ever be restored. Your insurance agent can help you find your strength again. They will also provide you with the assurance that your vehicle is repaired and you are able to rely on them to assist with any aspect of an auto accident.

Once you have provided all details about the accident to your agent, including the details of who was called by the police, any hospitalizations, and the estimated damage to your vehicle, the accident will usually be turned over to a team made up of highly trained specialists who care deeply about you. Agents will ask you questions about who was at fault for the accident so that they can determine which insurance company is responsible. You just need to make the first phone call to your agent to start the process of getting you back in your car, attending to any injuries, and making arrangements to settle your claim with another insurance company. Your lead claims adjuster will ask you a few questions.

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The “claims team”, which will contact other insurance companies, will get estimates for your vehicle. They’ll also take photos of the vehicles and the scene of the accident. All details that can be used to determine fault in an accident.

Auto insurance companies don’t want to lose money. They just want to make as much money as possible. Don’t be surprised if your auto claims team decides that your vehicle is worth less than the cost of fixing it. You’ll be able to go car shopping for a newer, or even more expensive car because you won’t have to worry about the history of an “accidentally depreciated” vehicle. If a vehicle has been involved in an accident, some people won’t bother looking at it.

You can get a car paid for by your insurer while your vehicle is being repaired if you bought “car rental insurance” at the time you purchased your vehicle’s policy. This could save you hundreds of bucks in the long-term. This is one option that many people avoid when purchasing insurance. We all believe we are invincible if we get into an accident. This coverage is not necessary if you are a good driver. You can take your children to school and to medical appointments for extra peace of mind if you’re in an accident. It’s amazing how busy relatives and friends are when it comes borrowing their cars.

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Your trusted auto insurance team will look out for your best interests and get you back on your way with as little stress as possible.