Types of Auto Insurance Coverage in Personal Injury Accidents


People often find themselves in a difficult position after an injury accident. They are unable or unwilling to work, and do not have enough savings to pay for their medical bills. A lot of people have insurance coverage that is based on what automobile they were driving at the time of an accident. Many people don’t realize they might be eligible for certain coverage through their automobile insurance company. Your insurance coverage could still be applicable even if you are injured riding a bicycle, as a pedestrian or in an automobile of another person.

You can also look into medical payment coverage. It is also known as “med-pay” and “medpay.” Although not everyone is eligible for medical payment, many people pay an additional premium to have this coverage. This coverage can be used in Arizona if they are involved in an auto accident.

If they are involved in an accident involving a car, another type of coverage is their health insurance. While many people believe they should bill the insurance company for the other driver, it may prove more beneficial to use your own health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, AHCCCS, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance (BC/BS Health Insurance of Arizona) Aetna Insurance and Mercy Care Health Plan are all possible options for health insurance. There are also Medicare HMO plans and Medicare HMO plans. Doctors may not accept your health insurance, and instead will bill you for your med-pay coverage. Sometimes doctors and other health care providers can work together to coordinate the payment of the medical payments coverage. Be aware that insurance companies may not inform clients if they have coverage for medical payments. It is important to obtain certified documents and copies from declaration pages in order to determine the coverage that applies to your particular accident.

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You can’t reopen a claim after you have settled it. Only one chance is available to settle your case. People make the most common mistake of settling their claims too quickly after an injury or for too little money. It is a mistake to settle your claim while you are still in treatment. People who attempt to manage their insurance claims themselves will often settle with the company. When it comes time to write checks, the victim of an injury is informed that they must include the names of all providers and the victim’s insurance company. The adverse insurance company will often notify the insurance company that they want reimbursement for any medical bills they paid in connection with an accident claim. While there are certain situations where the insurance company can be reimbursed, the law states that they cannot be reimbursed in all cases. It is often amazing to see how many medical providers and insurance companies claim they want a portion of a settlement.

After you have reached an agreement with the insurance company, if any of these providers or health insurance companies claim to be entitled to a portion of the settlement, it’s almost impossible to reopen the claim. The insurance company might only issue the check in the name of everyone, making it almost impossible to negotiate the settlement. After the check is issued, the victim must go to great lengths to get all providers and insurance companies to sign it. Imagine receiving a check for hundreds or thousands of dollars with Medicare’s name on it. Then, you find out that Medicare is seeking more reimbursement than what you have settled with the adverse insurance company.

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