Understanding and Saving on Alberta Car Insurance

It can be stressful to find car insurance, especially if you don’t know much about average rates and coverage. InsurEye’s knowledgeable staff knows how to find the best car insurance in Alberta at the lowest price. You don’t have to worry about finding affordable auto insurance that meets your needs with a team of experts by your side.

There are many ways to save on auto insurance in Alberta

Car insurance rates in Alberta are affected by many factors, including the condition of your car, where you park and your driving record. Here are some ways you can save on auto insurance rates.

Start with an online comparison to find out the average Alberta auto insurance rate. It may be difficult to beat the rates of an insurer you’ve had for a while, especially if there have not been any claims recently. But it is always worth looking. This will only impact you for three years if you don’t have a clean driving record. Your premiums could be reduced and tickets you have already paid will be erased from your record.

You can take a driving test to lower your insurance premiums. Consider limiting your coverage to the minimum required by law. This will not include collision damage. You will be covered for liability insurance. However, you will not be covered for damages to your vehicle.

You may be able save money if you are a more experienced driver. However, this will result in higher damages payments in the event of an accident.

Your insurance rates can be affected by as little as the location you park your car. You will receive lower premiums if you park in a secure area, such as a garage or private space. Many insurance companies offer the possibility to combine multiple types of insurance, such as auto, home and life insurance, for a reduced rate.

Some insurance companies may offer a discount to graduates of certain Canadian universities. Certain professional associations, like The Air Canada Pilots Association or Certified Management Accountants of Canada may be eligible for a discount from insurance companies.

Senior citizens can also save money, as most companies offer senior discounts.

InsurEye can help you find more ways to save. Contact us today. Fill out the online insurance quote to connect with an insurance professional who can help you choose the right plan.

Understanding Auto Insurance Alberta

It is important to know the types of auto insurance that are available to you when choosing your insurance. This will help you to choose the best plan for you and ensure you don’t pay for unnecessary items.

Auto insurance is mandatory in Alberta. However, the government regulates only the minimum amount of third party liability insurance for your vehicle, which is $200,000. We recommend that you have at least $1,000,000-2,000,000 in liability coverage to protect your financials and yourself from any accidents.

Alberta has an “at fault” insurance policy for vehicle damage and bodily injury. The province, on the other hand, uses an “at-fault” insurance approach for vehicle damage liability and bodily injury. Each insurer pays the claim of the policyholder. Alberta’s average car insurance rate is $110 per month. This is not the highest in Canada. It is still important to understand the details of what you are getting in order to find the best price.

Types of Automobile Insurance Available

All drivers in Alberta require personal liability and damage (PLPD), insurance. This insurance is also known as third-party liability insurance. It is mandatory to be able to drive in Alberta. The insurance covers damage to other people’s property and vehicles.

While the minimum coverage amount is $200,000 at this time, it’s a good idea to look for a greater amount. Alberta requires that drivers have accident benefits coverage. This covers passengers in case of death or injury. This insurance covers medical and rehabilitation costs as well as funeral expenses and income replacement. Uninsured motorist coverage will be available if you are in an accident with another driver.

Third-party liability insurance and accident benefits insurance are essential for driving in Alberta. However, you may be interested in other types of coverage. For example, collision coverage will cover damage to your vehicle caused by an accident with another vehicle, or object. The best part is that your vehicle’s repair or replacement is covered regardless of who caused it.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle that is not caused by an accident or collision. Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle against fire, theft, vandalism, environmental, or weather-related damage. This insurance policy provides the most comprehensive coverage.

Specific perils insurance is a good option if you don’t require extensive coverage. Although it offers greater protection than collision insurance coverage, specified perils insurance isn’t as comprehensive as comprehensive insurance. This insurance covers damage caused by perils you have specifically named in your policy. You can pick what you want to be insured for and any perils that aren’t named will not be covered.