Uninsured Motorist Coverage – What You May Not Know

Are you familiar with the contents of your auto insurance policy?

For example, I was able to survive a head-on automobile accident on the interstate. I was confident that my insurance would cover my medical expenses and hospital visits if the other driver (in my case, there were two) did not have the right coverage. I was fully covered for my vehicle and had been working with my agent for many years. I was confident that I had all the necessary coverage to cover me for an accident.

This was not the case. My insurance provider refused to pay $2,000.00 for my injuries, despite the fact that there were two other vehicles involved in the accident and I was the only one not at fault. While I was being treated, and going through rehabilitation and recovery, the other two insurance companies refused to provide coverage. They wanted to wait for all my medical to be completed to determine the total cost.

We trust the expertise of our insurance companies to ensure we have the right coverage. Wikipedia defines this:

An “Uninsured Motorist Clause” is a clause found in most American automobile insurance policies. It allows a driver to be compensated for any injuries they sustain from an uninsured or negligent driver. This clause is included in the insurance policy by paying a premium. The insurance company will pay the difference between the amount the uninsured driver could pay and the amount the injured driver has to the accident.

USLEGAL provides additional definitions as follows:

“Uninsured motorist coverage” is additional coverage that an automobile policy provides. It covers the cost of paying actual damages to the insured if the vehicle’s owner (or passenger) is hurt by a negligent driver who doesn’t have liability insurance.

This was because I didn’t have it in my insurance policy.

  1. Prior to the accident, I had just started a new job and didn’t have any health insurance.
  2. Within the first month of my medical expenses, all my savings had been exhausted.
  3. I was unable to receive medical treatment unless my payment was made in advance.
  4. Doctors and other medical professionals were reluctant to accept prepayment for treatment and would not work with third-party insurance.
  5. Finally, the responsible parties insurance company refused to pay until I had completed my medical treatment.

It has been more than a year and half since my accident. I am still trying and searching for medical care. Everything I could have borrowed against was already attached to me in order to receive the minimal care that I received. My quality of living is not the same as it was before the accident. My mobility is limited and I need surgeries to fix my neck, back and knees. The longer I wait, the more damage I will do to my emotional and physical health.

It’s a good idea to ask your agent to explain everything about your auto insurance policy. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for your entire life.