United Explorer Card Car Insurance Good In Ireland?


As a United States citizen, you may be wondering if your United Explorer Card will get you good car insurance rates in Ireland. The answer is a bit murky, but there may be some relief on the horizon. As of this writing, the United States has announced plans to sell its stake in AIG, which means that U.S. citizens who have AIG car insurance policies will no longer be covered by them.

This could result in higher premiums for those policy holders, but it’s still unclear how widespread this will be and what effects it will have on rates. In the meantime, read up on car insurance rates in Ireland and see if your United Explorer Card will help you get a good deal.

What is the United Explorer Card?

The United Explorer Card is a prepaid card offered by United Airlines. The card allows customers to earn miles and rewards which can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, and other experiences. The card is also good for car insurance in Ireland.

When travelling with the United Explorer Card, customers are given access to special offers and discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Additionally, cardholders receive 20% off their first purchase at participating merchants and 10% off every additional purchase made at participating merchants during their first year of membership. Rewards accumulations can also be used to pay for travel expenses or deposited into a savings account to be used for future expenses.

When using the United Explorer Card for car insurance in Ireland, cardholders are eligible for reduced rates on select policies from several insurers including Allianz Irish Motor Insurance Company Ltd., GEICO Irish Car Insurance Company Ltd., and State Auto Insurance Co. Ltd. Rates start at £5 per month with no monthly minimums or excess fees required. Members must remember to bring their United Explorer Card along when purchasing a policy so that the policy number can be entered into the online quote form.

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United Explorer Card Car Insurance Coverage in Ireland

If you are a United Explorer cardholder, your car insurance policies will likely cover you in Ireland. Coverage for United Explorer cardholders starts at $50,000 per incident for property damage and personal injury liability. And, if you’re collisions are with other motor vehicles or animals, your policy will also cover loss of use, vehicle depreciation and rental costs.

Motorists who use their own vehicles should note that not all car insurers will offer coverage to United Explorer cardholders. Those who are unsure whether or not their policy covers United Explorer cardholders can contact their provider to inquire.

Is the United Explorer Card Good for Car Insurance in Ireland?

The United Explorer Card can be a good way to get car insurance in Ireland. The card has a number of benefits, including discounts on car rentals, travel and more. The card also offers protection against theft and damage, so it’s a good choice for anyone who travels in Ireland.

One downside is that the card doesn’t offer any travel insurance. But overall, the United Explorer Card is a great way to get discounts on things you might use while traveling in Ireland, like car rentals and hotels.

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Looking for car insurance in Ireland? United Explorer Card could be a great option for you! United Explorer Card offers good car insurance in Ireland, and it has several benefits that make it an attractive option. First of all, United Explorer Card is a Visa card, which means that you can use it anywhere in the world. That includes countries where car insurance is difficult to get or expensive to buy.

Additionally, United Explorer Card offers theft protection and roadside assistance, both of which are valuable additions when buying or registering a new car in Ireland. Finally, United Explorer Card has an annual fee of €95 (approximately $119), which is lower than most othercar insurance policies available in Ireland. If you’re looking for a good car insurance policy that will also have some great perks, United ExplorerCard may be the right choice for you!