Unusual Building and Contents Insurance Claims

Most often, the unfortunate events in life will act as a catalyst to filing an insurance claim. Unfortunately, flooding, fire, and theft are all common. There are exceptions to the rule. You never know what you might be covered, so make sure to carefully review your options!

Warm wine

A couple filed a claim for the wine they lost when a sewage pipe burst. To speed up drying, the repair crew that was hired to clean up the mess used industrial heaters. Their wine was also damaged by the heat from 85 degrees, which accelerated the process of aging. They successfully claimed to have replaced their beautiful grapes.

Verdict – Paid

Flying sheep

The car’s bonnet was dented, so it appeared that the car had been in an accident. The accompanying insurance form listed “flying sheep”, as the cause of damage. A lorry carrying a load of sheep was driving across a bridge when it was struck by a vehicle. The panic ensued and the sheep fell onto the bonnet of the car below, jumping over the railings.

Verdict – Paid

The room for bears

Although recycling and reusing as much as possible is generally good for the environment, there are some who will go against this principle. Hoarders have a hard time throwing away furniture or other nick-knacks, making it difficult to move around their home. You can claim a bedroom filled with teddy bears worth more than PS10,000 for inconveniences such as getting from the lounge to your bathroom.

Verdict – Paid

Back garden wedding

A daughters’ wedding reception was held in the backyard of her parents’ home. The “loss-of-use” clause in their insurance policy was used to cover the cost of moving the reception to a hotel.

Verdict – Paid

Tired at school

The homeowner tried to get back the cost of repairing the roof after a barbecue set fire to his roof. The homeowner was informed that the fire was caused by negligence and possibly stupidity. He then used the watertight argument that “I fell asleep during my physics lesson and didn’t know that hot items caught fire” to defend his claim.

Verdict – Fail

My wall was broken by a bee

A man was trying to fix a hole in his kitchen wall. He blamed a bee. The bee was apparently dizzy and made him fall through the wall by using a circular hovering motion.

Verdict – Fail

The iPhone cow

Many people lose their phones while on the train, in taxis or down the toilet. Rarely will we lose our phones in the cow’s rear end. In the darkness of night, a vet was using his iphone light to help with the delivery of a calf. The unimaginable happened in the chaos and panic of labour. Daisy was seen walking around the field, her hind emitting a muffled sound.

Verdict – Paid

There may still be some hope for you if your wine gets too hot or you get attacked by an airborne sheep.