USAA Homeowners Insurance Review


USAA is one of the most prominent home insurance companies in the country. It offers policies to veterans, active military personnel, and their families. USAA home insurance policies often cost more than when issued by other companies. However, NerdWallet’s rate analysis shows that the company’s rates remain lower than the national average. It’s worth looking into if you are eligible for USAA homeowners insurance.

USAA homeowners insurance received 4.5 stars overall for performance. Our editorial team determines NerdWallet’s ratings. The formula for scoring homeowners insurance takes into consideration policy coverage options and discounts as well as ease of filing a claim. It also considers website transparency, financial strength, and complaint data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

USAA provides homeowners insurance that includes all the standard features plus:

  • Insurance coverage for identity theft.USAA will pay up to $5,000 for expenses related to identity theft. This coverage is not available to all states.
  • Protection for replacement costsUSAA will usually reimburse you for the cost of replacing your belongings with new items, and not the depreciated value, if they are stolen or damaged. This coverage is included by USAA in all 50 states, except North Carolina. It does not come with an additional charge, like most insurance companies. The company will either replace or restore an item, depending on its cost.
  • Coverage for home-sharing.This coverage is standard in most states and covers damage to your home or room if you rent it out on sites like Airbnb.
  • Coverage for military uniformsUSAA will pay you a full reimbursement if your uniform is stolen or damaged during a covered event.
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Extra coverage for earthquakes is available at an additional cost

USAA home insurance rates

According to NerdWallet, the average homeowners insurance cost for USAA is $1,509 per year. This is less than the $1,585 national average per year but more than the average rates at State Farm, a large national competitor.

USAA home insurance discounts

These are some ways you can save money on your USAA Home Insurance policy depending on where and when you live.

  • USAA offers a 10% discount on your auto insurance
  • Credit for a protective device in an ADT home security alarm system
  • For a minimum of five years, you can get up to 10% off

USAA Home Insurance complaints

According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, USAA received less than expected home insurance complaints to state regulators. This is based on three years of data. (NAIC home insurance complaints also include mobile homes, condo, and renter policies.

USAA Home Insurance Consumer Experience

Website:The advice section on USAA’s website provides information about topics such as what homeowners insurance does not cover or how to prevent water leaks. Chatbots are also available to help with quick questions. Register to USAA’s portal to pay your bill and manage your policies. You can also file and track claims, set up autopay, chat with a representative, or chat with one of our live representatives.

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AppendicesThe USAA mobile app can be used to pay your bills, as well as to track and file claims. The app is also available for Android and iOS. It allows you to access other USAA services, such as checking, saving, and credit card accounts.

Guide to buying homeowner’s insurance

Before you begin comparing quotes, determine how much coverage you require for your home. Do you need additional insurance to cover things like identity theft and sewer backups? Make sure you check to see if the company you are considering offers the options that you require.

Take a look at your personal property to ensure that you have enough coverage. What would it cost to replace them? All furniture, electronics, and household items should be included. This is the minimum amount you need for personal property insurance.

Compare rates from different insurers to ensure they offer the same deductibles and limits. While it might be tempting to pick the cheapest policy, you should also consider how many complaints each insurer has. If you have to file a claim, poor customer service can make a big difference in your experience.

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FAQ for USAA Home Insurance

Is tree removal covered by USAA home insurance?

It depends. The USAA will usually pay for the removal of a fallen tree from your home to make repairs. The coverage to remove the tree from your property is sometimes more limited. It can cost as much as $500 to remove one tree, or as much at $1,000 to remove all of them.

The removal of a tree from your property in order to prevent damage is basic home maintenance. It would not be covered.

Are there any restrictions placed on the breeds of dogs insured by USAA?

USAA does not limit the dog types it covers under your homeowners policy. However, if your pet has a history involving aggression or destruction of property, you may be unable to get coverage. Learn more about homeowners coverage for dog bites.

Is USAA covered for manufactured and mobile homes?

USAA partners with Foremost to insure mobile and manufactured homes. Learn more about mobile home insurance.

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Is mold covered by USAA’s home insurance?

USAA won’t typically pay for mold damage or dry rot. However, you might have limited coverage if the source of the mold is covered under your policy. The coverage for mold varies from one state to the next. It may also depend on what endorsements or add-ons you have on your policy. Learn more about homeowners insurance coverage.

What are the other types of insurance that USAA offers?

USAA also sells homeowners insurance. USAA offers financial products, including mortgages, investment and bank accounts as well as annuities, credit cards, and annuities. Read our USAA auto insurance review.

Is USAA home insurance available for roof replacement?

It all depends on what caused the roof damage. The cause of the damage is usually covered by your policy. There are exceptions. Damage from hail or wind is not covered in some states’ coastal areas, and roof damage is not always covered.

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