USAA vs AAA: car insurance comparison

USAA was established in 1922 by a group made up of military officers who wanted to insure their cars. USAA is a member-only insurer that only deals with military personnel and their families. USAA was ranked fifth in the 2020 National Association of Insurance Commissioners survey on auto insurance premiums. It also held a 6% market share.

AAA memberships are only available to members, but they can also be purchased by anyone. AAA was established in 1902, long before the advent of the automobile. AAA was originally formed as 50 clubs for car enthusiasts from across the country. It has since grown to be one of the most well-known car insurance companies. AAA is well-known for its travel plans and roadside assistance. Members also enjoy a wide range of discounts.

Comparison of car insurance rates between USAA and AAA

USAA was not officially ranked by J.D. Power recently conducted a survey to gauge customer satisfaction. USAA has higher ratings than AAA across the board, but is still able offer more affordable coverage.

Rates based on credit score

AAA and USAA both take credit scores of drivers into account when setting auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies consider these scores to indicate a higher likelihood of premium payments. A low score could indicate that an individual is more likely to engage in risky behaviors. Although most states allow auto insurers to use credit scores, there are some restrictions , such as those in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

Rates based on age

The age factor is important to car insurance companies who have found that older drivers are more likely to get into an accident. The table below shows that AAA and USAA will charge 18-year-olds significantly more. Car insurance premiums fall dramatically after age 25, and continue to decline in subsequent years, but at a slower rate.

Driving record rates

The driving record is another important factor that will influence the car insurance premiums. Traffic violations are a major concern for both AAA and USAA. As a result, premiums rise quickly for more serious traffic violations. This is a sign that both carriers are at greater risk. AAA rates are generally higher than USAA for driving records.

Discounts on USAA vs AAA

AAA and USAA both offer robust discount programmes that are based on strong commitments to their members. While AAA is best known for offering discounts on roadside assistance and trip planning tools, there are other generous discounts available to members. USAA offers several discounts for active military personnel.


  • Vehicle storage discounts: You can save up to 60% by storing your vehicle while you are on active duty. You can also save if your vehicle is kept on a military base.
  • Safe driver, accident-free discounts: Combining a long history of safe driving and an accident-free record for many years can lead to healthy discounts.
  • USAA offers driver training and defensive driving classes. This allows you to increase your driving skills and receive discounts on your car insurance.


  • AAA Auto Club members can get discounts on general membership.
  • Discounts for members who are loyal: These discounts can be availed with increasing years of membership and may vary from one club to the next.
  • Student discount: Students in high school or college can get a discount if they have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Comparison of USAA and AAA: Online and Mobile Experience

The AAA and USAA have both highly rated general functions apps that allow remote access to account management tools and member services. Both of these apps can be found, along with ratings, on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

USAA’s SafePilot app has also been added to the driver-habit discount market. The service, which assesses insured driving habits in key areas, has received mixed reviews.


  • USAA Mobile App This app allows easy access to all USAA investment, banking and insurance accounts. Access to insurance quotes, premium payments, and claim submission are all available through the app.
  • USAA SafePilot app (Apple Store Score 1.9 out of 5, Google Play Score 2.4 out of 5) This app is one of the most popular to track a driver’s acceleration and braking habits. These areas may be eligible for discounts up to 30%. Low reviews are due in part to the perception of drivers that the app records only minor braking as abrupt.


  • AAA Mobile App (Apple Store Score 4.2 out of 5; Google Play Score 4.2 out of 5) — This app is available to AAA members and provides emergency services such as roadside assistance or claims handling. Members can also access discounted services and manage their accounts through the app.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance policy is best for me?

There is no one car insurance company that is the best for everyone. This article shows that different companies have their strengths and weaknesses. To find the best policy, it is always a good idea to compare.

Which is better: Car insurance that’s more expensive or less expensive?

Not necessarily. Not necessarily. The best car insurance offers the most complete and tailored coverage to your needs. Excellent discounts are available from good companies. There are many ways to combine discounts with the right coverage, and find affordable solutions.

How do you shop for car insurance best?

It is crucial to research all available options for car insurance companies. Online resources are a great starting point. To compare quality companies , you can choose . Finally, compare several quotes using online tools or discussions with agents.