USAA vs. Geico: car insurance comparison

USAA has been known as the primary property and casualty insurance for military personnel. You must be a retired or active duty service member or a family member of someone who has served in the military to qualify for coverage. USAA was established in 1922. It has approximately 13,000,000 members. According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, USAA was fifth in auto insurance providers in the U.S. with 6.3% of total market share.

Geico has become a household name in auto insurance. The company’s gecko mascot and signature motto “Fifteen minutes could help you save 15% on car insurance” are well-known to most people. Geico was established in 1936. It currently insures more 28 million vehicles in the United States. According to NAIC, it is the second-largest U.S. auto insurance company, accounting for 13.6% of the market.

Comparison of car insurance rates

Both USAA and Geico both have A++ “Superior” financial strength ratings from AM Best. They also have high customer satisfaction scores. Most drivers will pay less for USAA than Geico when it comes to rates. To compare average premiums, we used 2021 data and calculated the Bankrate score based on factors like customer satisfaction and financial stability. Below is a table that compares Geico and USAA on the basis of average annual premiums and ratings.

Rates based on credit score

Your credit score, which is based on your credit history, will have an impact on your auto insurance rate in most states. Only Hawaii, California and Michigan prohibit auto insurance companies using credit history for premium calculations. Below is a table that compares the average cost of car coverage from USAA and Geico, based on your credit score.

Rates based on age

Young drivers are more risky to insure and pay higher car insurance rates. Geico will be cheaper than USAA if you have recently been licensed or are adding a teenager driver to your policy. Below is a table showing the average annual premium of each company for full coverage auto insurance. It is based on your age.

Driving record rates

Geico and USAA car insurance rates are different based on your driving record. USAA will be the most affordable option, regardless of your driving record. Below is a table that shows the average rates for drivers who have a clean driving record, one speeding ticket and one accident.


The discounts offered by USAA and Geico are another important aspect of the comparison. While these two companies offer some of the most competitive car insurance discounts, each company has its own savings opportunities. These are just a few of the most prominent ones.


  • Annual Mileage Discount: USAA might offer a lower rate on auto insurance based upon how many miles you drive each year.
  • Discount for military installations: You might be able to save up 15% on comprehensive insurance if you park your vehicle at a military base.
  • Family Discount: Drivers who have parents with USAA policies can save as much as 10% by opening their own USAA policies.


  • Vehicle safety discounts Geico offers many discounts when you purchase a vehicle that has safety features such as anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, airbags, and daytime running lamps.
  • Federal employee discount – If you work for the U.S. Government, you could save up to 12 percent on your car insurance premium.
  • Discount for drivers who are serving in the military or go on an emergency deployment: Geico can help you save up to 25% on your auto insurance.

Comparison of mobile and online experience

USAA and Geico both offer a great online and mobile experience. Both insurers let customers get a quote online, without having to contact an agent. Geico’s and USAA’s websites allow you to file a claim online. USAA and Geico do not provide any online tools like a personal policy comparison tool or a calculator for personal coverage. However, both companies have mobile apps that are easy to use. Below is a quick comparison between the USAA and Geico mobile apps.


  • (4.8 star) The USAA iOS mobile app has been highly rated but features are very basic. The app allows you to request roadside assistance, get your ID cards and file a claim. A checklist of things to do in case you’re involved in an accident can be viewed.
  • Google Play 4.5 stars: USAA’s Android App gives you access to the same features as the iOS app. Although there have been a few negative reviews about the company, most people complain about the app’s functionality and not its banking features.


  • App Store (4.8 star): Geico’s iOS app is free and allows you to make payments, file claims, get roadside assistance, and receive roadside assistance. You can submit photos via the app to get an estimate for your car’s repair costs if it is damaged. You can also create a maintenance plan for your vehicle and receive reminders when it is due for service.
  • Google Play (4.8 star): Geico’s Android app is one of the most highly rated in the Google Play Store. The Android app has the same features as iOS, but it also includes Geico Explore which uses artificial intelligence for local search results such as gas stations.

Questions frequently asked

Is car insurance legal?

Most states require car insurance. Virginia and New Hampshire are the only states that don’t require drivers to have auto insurance. If they do not want to purchase traditional car insurance, however, they must show proof of financial responsibility.

Which is the best auto insurance company?

It is difficult to find the best auto insurance company because every driver is unique. People will decide which company is best for them based on the features, discounts, contact options and pricing.

What is the cost of car insurance?

The annual average premium for full coverage auto insurance in the United States is $1,674 annually. According to the Insurance Information Institute, car insurance premiums can be personalized by more than a dozen factors. These factors include your zip code, age and credit score. They also reflect claims history, your coverage needs, and deductibles.