USAA vs. Progressive: car insurance comparison


Progressive Insurance was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1937 selling automobile insurance. Progressive is currently the third largest vehicle insurance company in America, accounting for 13.30% . Progressive, as the name implies, is known for offering new and innovative ways for customers to shop for car insurance and make claims.

USAA is short for United Services Automobile Association and is located in San Antonio, Texas. It is the fifth-largest auto insurance company in the United States with a market share at 6.32%. The insurer was founded in 1922. Its market share is remarkable when you consider that USAA sells financial products and insurance only to military personnel. You would have to be a retired, active, veteran, or close relative to be eligible for USAA membership, unlike Progressive which is open to almost anyone.

Comparison of car insurance rates between Progressive and USAA

If you are unsure about the pros and cons of Progressive vs. USAA, Bankrate has two options for you. They both rank among the top car insurance companies . Both companies have a track record of financial stability and offer competitive rates. There are however differences between the two carriers. These include average premiums as well as customer satisfaction scores.

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Rates based on credit score

Although California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts ban the use of credit scores as an auto insurance rating factor for California and Massachusetts, most insurance companies in these states take credit into consideration when rating policies. The general rule is that the higher your credit score, generally speaking, the lower your premium. One provider might offer better rates than the other depending on your credit score and whether or not they factor it in to your rate. Compare quotes to find the best rate for your situation.

Rates based on age

Older drivers are more likely to be in an accident because they are less experienced. Insurance companies charge more for coverage for younger drivers to account for the increased risk. If the teen is added onto their parent’s policy, Progressive will be cheaper for full coverage than USAA. USAA is usually the cheaper option for full coverage once teen drivers turn 18 and are able to purchase their own auto insurance.

Driving record rates

Insurance premiums are partly based on the possibility of future claims. Drivers with DUI convictions, tickets, or accidents on their record pay more for insurance than those with clean records. Drivers with a DUI conviction or speeding ticket on their record will receive a lower premium for full coverage. However, Progressive’s average premium for full coverage is slightly lower than that of drivers who have USAA.

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USAA vs. Progressive – Discounts

A provider might offer car insurance discounts that could help you lower your insurance premiums. Many car insurance companies offer discounts. These include paying your premium every year, signing up for paperless billing, and insuring multiple products like your auto and home with the same company.

This is how USAA and Progressive compare when it comes to discounting:


  • Bundling Discount: By purchasing your car insurance together with your renters or home insurance through USAA, you could save upto 10% on the home policy.
  • Vehicle storage discount: You might get up to 60% off your premiums if you’re deployed and keep your vehicle there while you’re overseas.
  • Family discount: Young adults can get 10% off their car insurance if they are parents who are insured through USAA.


  • Discount for good students: Full-time students with a minimum of a B- or better average in letter-grades may be eligible for a 10% average discount on .
  • Discount for homeowners: Having a home can qualify you to receive 10% off your auto insurance, even if it is with another carrier.
  • Sign up online to get a discount: You could save as much as 9% if you submit all of your paperwork electronically.
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You can usually apply as many discounts as you are eligible for to your policy. You can lower your auto insurance premium by taking advantage of all savings opportunities.

Comparison of USAA and Progressive on the internet and mobile

Compare USAA’s digital experience with Progressive’s. Both offer the option to manage your insurance online or via a mobile app. The interface of USAA is more straightforward and has fewer frills. This makes it easier to use and quicker to load.

Progressive’s online portal is more than just a place to manage your account, download an ID card, pay your bills, and file claims. Progressive also offers a range of tools that can be used to calculate pricing, access updated insurance quotes, and get insurance discounts.

This is how USAA and Progressive compare when it comes to mobile app development:


  • Apple Store — The USAA App has received over 1.3 Million reviews and a score of 4.8/5.0. The app allows you to view your ID card and report a claim. You can also request roadside assistance.
  • Google Play – The Android version of USAA’s mobile app was rated 4.5 by over 170,000 users. The app is identical to the iOS version. However, some users report connectivity problems occasionally.
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  • Apple Store — Only 3,200 people have reviewed the Progressive app and gave it a score of 3.5 out 5. The Progressive app can be used to receive quotes, take photos for claims, and make changes to your policy. However, users suggest that the app could have better integration between different types of policies.
  • Google Play – The Android version of Progressive’s Android app has a score of almost 43,000 users who gave it a score of 4.2% out of 5. This is a far better score than the Apple one. Users report occasional glitches.

The USAA app is rated higher than the Progressive app, but the app has more features.

Questions frequently asked

How can I get USAA auto insurance?

You will need to be a USAA member in order to get car insurance. USAA membership is available to all current and former Armed Forces personnel, veterans, and their families.

USAA vs. Progressive: Which one is more affordable?

Bankrate’s comparison between Progressive and USAA revealed that USAA is usually cheaper. Progressive is likely to be cheaper for drivers with DUI convictions and 16-year-olds who have added their parents’ policies. Auto insurance rates are determined using many factors such as your age, gender and credit tier. Also, consider your driving record, state where you live, and your driving history. Your specific rating factors could impact the premium.