Use Insurance Marketing Professional Or Brokerage Staff For Insurance Broker Services?

Where can you find the best services of an insurance broker? Independent means you can speak with many insurance marketing professionals. Talk to a professional or a member of the brokerage staff to find out if broker services are better.

A large insurance marketing company had recently published an advertisement that I found to be misleading and boastful. It was possible for an independent broker to interpret the meanings of this advertisement. This would also include how the broker would feel if a contract was made to write business. This article will cover the often overlooked aspect of broker service.


Independent insurance brokers are often well-respected experts in their particular insurance field of expertise and knowledge. Clients are more likely to trust their expertise than anyone else. The insurance expert selling doesn’t have 20 agents who could easily fill in for him or her and make consistent sales. Prospects and clients want to talk to the best professional in insurance. This means that the insurance professional who understands clients’ emotional needs and offers the right product will meet their needs. Only one insurance expert is needed. A programmed clone cannot be made to be as efficient as you.


This self-administrated, beneficial test is your challenge. Reach out to these large brokerage or insurance marketing firms to speak to the CEO. You will not get through to the top one in twenty times. You will be abruptly transferred to someone who is qualified to answer your questions if you do. The real insurance marketing professional and his or her top echelon members are involved in important projects that are too important for prospective brokers to discuss. They often have to monitor economic trends that could impact their profits. The pro might be off to meet the wizard. This is a meeting with the wizard of product introduction at a potential insurance company. This is to determine if the new company will improve profit margins.


This term is given to advisors and brokerage staff members in large companies. 25-30 of the support staff members of a marketing company, say 70+, are included on the brokerage staff roster. These players are responsible for explaining the benefits of their products. They might not be able to handle your services as an insurance broker. This is a common task for the back office support staff. These brokerage players are a minor league team compared to the insurance marketing professionals at rival firms.


As a sign that the company is strong, the advertisement includes a photo of each member of the brokerage staff. Some brokers might mistakenly believe that this advertisement is an image of the marketing company’s power. A non-microscopic inspection quickly revealed a feeling that staff were inexperienced and weak. Why? Nearly all of the members of the brokerage staff look to be younger than thirty. Imagine if you were one the very few 100k+ net income brokers in that ag. Ask yourself these questions. What if you could give up your promising career and rise to become a broker staff member at a lower salary? You hit the nail on the head. The prospective broker has more knowledge than any of the large brokerage advisory staff. They can answer all your questions and offer the services you need as an insurance broker.


Because there may be some rare jumbo marketing firms that are well-oiled and producing results, I only say it as a possible disadvantage. You will be around in five years with many of the other brokerage staff. You might have to deal with different people if you contract with the firm to sell annuities, term lives, or major medical. Can you see how this could lead to you feeling like a number? As a broker, you could be making thousands of dollars in overrides each year from your annual production. What unique communication, lead assistance or value are you getting back?


There are many superior and sub-par insurance brokerage, marketing and recruitment operations, of all sizes. Brokers are not forced to choose where they will do business. Most brokers choose to do business with firms and companies that provide the best possible insurance broker services.