Using Technical to Make Trading Decisions in SGX Market

Traders might consider a range of technical and fundamental indicators to follow. A selection of indicators will help you narrow down stocks. It limits risk levels and growth applicants from multiple companies within an industry.

Singapore Market Synopsis

Singapore Exchange (SGX), Asia’s second largest recorded trade, is one of the most important trades in the world. SGX, Asia’s Gateway, is the market of choice for financial professionals looking to participate in Asia’s rapidly developing economies and Asian backers seeking global capital. The broad range of securities, subordinates, and wares makes SGX Asia’s most universal trading platform. SGX’s administrations include postings, exchanging and clearing, as well as quick market access, clearing, settlement and safe administrations. OTC exchanged subsidiaries can also be managed by the Central Counter Party administrations. SGX has the longest exchange hours in the region and is fueled by innovation from the front lines. It is the best channel for venture streams to and from Asia.

Investing in Singapore stock market

  • Transparent government and high levels of political dependability
  • Asia’s largest trade region with more than 40% of the organizations listed on SGX starting from abroad
  • Diversified economy: From money-related administrations, tourism to pharmaceuticals and coordination, to petrochemicals, and so forth.
  • Asia’s second-most creditworthy country
  • The second-freest stream of capital and information in the world
  • Capital additions tax not applicable

Top Companies Listed in the SGX

  • Singapore Airlines
  • SIA Engineering Company
  • Singapore Post
  • SMRT Corporation Ltd
  • Thakral Corporation Ltd
  • United Overseas Bank Ltd
  • Keppel Corporation Ltd
  • Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd

How to Use Technical Analysis to Trade

Clients can settle their choices using Technical Analysis in two ways. The first is to decrease the number of choices that must be made. Another is to give visual warnings to clients when a decision point is near. Technical Analysis is a valuable tool that can be used as a visual guide for brokers. The problem lies in basic leadership using data from the outlines. Technical Analysis is a great tool to read the markets. There are many points of interest in using Technical Analysis. Technical Analysis is fast and easy to use. It can also be used to create standards that are both effective and externally. These specialized skills are essential to exchange benefits over time. This “something” can be organization financial news or macroeconomic numbers. Even large-scale news events can provide a powerful and relevant diagram for exchanging.

Two things are required in technical analysis: Recognizing trends and recognizing support/resistance using time periods and price charts. There is no one right combination of technical indicators that can open up a trading strategy. Effective trading requires discipline, risk management, and emotional control. It is always a good idea to seek the advice of an advisor who has a research team.

Using Our Technical Analy:

Epic Research has a strong team that includes Mentors and Research Analysts who have combined experience of more than 30 years in international markets. High accuracy is what we offer in our research and investment advisory services. Our Value investing methodology has been proven to be more accurate than the benchmark indexes for institutional and retail investors. We offer services in the Singapore Stock Market.

Our traders have the following features:

  • Each week, we generate 3-4 recommendations
  • Mid-Term Holding Calls with 2 to 3 Days of Holding
  • There will be two profit booking targets and one stop loss.
  • Get the latest news and market reviews.
  • Follow up on all open positions and recommendations
  • Global Market News and Updates
  • Daily Support & Resistance levels to STI
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