Video KYC in Mutual Fund Software is The Most Demanding Feature in Distribution Business

The constant changes in the industry’s moving patterns means that tools and technologies play a significant role in enhancing a business’s status. Investors used to have to visit the verified center to verify their identity. This was costly and time-consuming.

The prospect of the distributor also found the process difficult. They need to maintain the physical documents of each client. It takes several weeks to verify the authenticity of clients. Clients cannot then invest their funds to take advantage of a high-profit market.

Video KYC allows investors to verify their status and gather data digitally. This can be done by accessing a portal from an isolated location. This process does not allow for direct communication between investors and distributors.

Distributors and investors alike find it valuable to have an organized plan that covers every minute of each day. This is why a new initiative for home-based KYC, Video KYC in the Mutual Fund Software has been introduced. It allows distributors to receive the primary formalities from clients via a digital portal.

Sometimes, an investor who is genuinely interested in a deal with the distributor rejects it due to the complexity and delays in the verification process. The Video KYC tool is an attraction that keeps prospects interested. It allows them to enroll from their own home.


  • It takes no energy to gather client data.
  • Transform prospects into clients.
  • Data acquisition in scanned format without the use of paper
  • Invite clients from faraway places
  • Cloud servers can store your details.
  • Operation cost is low and verification is instant.

Does it benefit Investors?

  • Follow these simple steps to get from one place to another.
  • Paper documents cannot be submitted.
  • Clients save time and money
  • Rapid investments require immediate verification
  • There are no chances of information theft.

The clients must access the Mutual Fund Software to complete the process. They can either get login credentials from the distributor or visit an invite link.

Digital control of client data is the future in the industry. With the same mindset, Wealth Management software launched the Wealth Management feature that will help distributors and clients to complete KYC formalities from anywhere in the world.

Because the Mutual Fund Software does not lose clients’ funds, the digital platform uses the funds proportionally. This allows for maximum results with less uncertainty. Its features are what make the software so valuable for advisors. Mutual Fund Software allows distributors to easily achieve business goals and can deal with multiple investors. Mutual Fund Software delivers the results that investors expect without any concerns. Distributors can also maintain long-lasting relationships with clients.

It generates accurate reports in a matter of seconds. The Mutual Fund Software for IFA ensures the final status of all funds. As the platform provides excellent services, the Mutual Fund Software for IFA helps to maintain stable relationships between investors and distributors. The Mutual Fund Software is able to provide services and register new investors anywhere in the world.

Mutual Fund Software for Distributors increases the wealth of a firm as it helps in acquiring investors, which in turn leads to increased income. It helps distributors execute operations in the industry. The platform provides advanced features and allows them to compete in the market. It is able to acquire clients for the business, and it can also generate more receipts that promote the services of distributors firms. The Mutual fund software India improves the client retention.

Investors show genuine interest in the easiest and least difficult process. For investors, each second is worth something that can yield astonishing profits in a short time. Companies that use the modern method to transact are more productive than those who still rely on KYC.