What an Online Car Insurance Site Can – And Cannot – Do For You


Despite their merits, you need to be aware that these websites have limitations. You will often need to combine online shopping with good old-fashioned phone calls to find the best car insurance price.

This combination approach to car insurance shopping can help you overcome some limitations and still get the best value. A reliable car insurance comparison website can quickly do what it takes you days, or even weeks to do: compare rates and coverage from dozens of insurance companies. These sites offer a great starting point for your shopping. It is important to supplement these results with your own smart shopping strategies.

How to Determine Your Coverage. Online car insurance websites cannot determine what coverage you actually need. Although some websites offer guidance, you should do your own research to determine the right coverage for your family. It is crucial to have sufficient liability coverage. Simply following the minimum state coverage levels can lead you to being dangerously underinsured.

It is a smart move to meet with a CPA/financial planner to discuss your insurance needs and your financial goals. This will help you determine the best coverage before you begin shopping online for car insurance.

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Some companies are not eligible
One of the major drawbacks to these online car insurance comparison websites is the possibility that not all local car insurers participate in the site. Look around the site to find a list of participating car insurers before you start. Next, get out your phone and look through the list. You can then circle the companies that are not listed on the website so you can reach them directly.

You can also get quotes from multiple online comparison websites, as each site will have different lists of companies. This will allow you to compare the largest selection and improve your chances of finding the lowest price policy.

Apples to apples
It is essential to make a list of all specifications of your policy before you begin gathering quotes. This includes the amount of deductibles, collision coverage, and liability and property damage coverage. This will allow you to accurately enter your data and ensure that all quotes you receive reflect the same level coverage. These savings can be used to contact additional insurance companies directly. This information will make comparison shopping much easier.

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It is important to carefully review the quotes once they start coming back. Although your goal is to get as much coverage as possible for the lowest price, don’t be surprised if the quotes seem too low. If you receive a quote that seems significantly lower than the others, make sure you check the ratings of the insurance company. You don’t want your car insurance company to go under when you most need it.

You can find great policies at an affordable price by using some smart shopping and online tools. It is important to fully understand the pros and cons of online and traditional shopping options for car insurance.