What are AM Best ratings?


AM Best ratings may be mentioned when researching insurance companies. You may find particular rating information on a carrier’s website or in a review about a particular company. The AM Best rating scale does not provide much information about an insurance company, but it is more than just a letter grade. AM Best ratings are an industry standard and a key indicator of financial strength.

What is AM Best?

AM Best is a credit rating agency, and happens to be the oldest one in the world. AM Best, a credit agency that specializes in insurance and reviews only insurance companies, was founded in 1899. Fast forward to more than 122 years, the same agency, which started out with just one person in a small New York office has grown to be a global entity. AM Best’s global headquarters is located in New Jersey. There are multiple offices around the globe.

AM Best offers more than just global offices. The AM Best rating scale gives a snapshot of the financial and credit history for over 16,000 insurance companies. It would be difficult for the public to review and analyze all financial and credit information of these thousands of companies without the AM Best ratings. AM Best instead conducts the research, and provides independent information and evaluation services to each company. This allows consumers to form their own opinions on a carrier’s financial stability. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), also recognizes AM Best as an official credit rating agency.

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What are AM Best ratings and what do they mean?

AM Best ratings are based on the carrier’s ability to pay out claims, the amount of debt a carrier holds and the amount of other financial obligations. AM Best then analyzes the company’s balance sheet, operations, and debt obligations. Four categories are used to determine AM Best ratings: national scale ratings, financial strength, credit ratings and issue ratings. Many online reviews include information about a company’s financial strength ratings. (FSR).

It is crucial to know if an insurance carrier is able to meet its financial obligations. When you purchase a policy, as a consumer, it is important that you receive prompt payouts for all covered perils. AM Best created its rating system in order to determine whether a carrier is able to pay claims and fulfill other financial obligations. Each rating level is based on a thorough, detailed analysis of many financial aspects of the carrier.

How do AM Best ratings work?

AM Best ratings are determined by a variety of factors, mainly focused on risk and financial management. The information is then combined to give a letter grade on creditworthiness and financial stability. AM Best considers the following factors as part of its wide-ranging analysis:

  • Balance sheet: This review examines a carrier’s financial flexibility as well as the risk of their balance sheet.
  • Operational performance is the carrier’s long-term financial stability and future balance sheet strength. It also includes the historical performance.
  • Business profile: This includes a detailed review of the market, competition, pricing, data quality, underwriting performance, and other important business indicators.
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM: This examines the company’s appetite for risk and the way the carrier manages it based on corporate objectives.
  • Rating meetings: These meetings provide information to the carrier about company strategy, management practices, and overall financial goals.
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AM Best Rating Scale for Financial Strength

Below is a table that shows the differences in each rating. Below is a table that shows the differences between each rating.

Companies can earn additional ratings or change their rating grades over time. Let’s say there is a change in the company strategy, debt obligations, or any other financial indicators that highlight the financial health and financial stability of a carrier. Ratings can be modified to reflect any of these cases.

AM Top providers have the highest financial strength ratings

Below is a table that shows AM Best ratings information for several national carriers. It is important to consider the features and rates offered by each carrier when deciding which one to buy a policy.

Why is AM Best important?

The AM Best scores are a simple way to assess a carrier’s financial strength, but it doesn’t guarantee that they can meet all their financial obligations. The full AM Best rating service is only available to carriers who pay the rating fees. This process usually takes between 11-14 weeks. It can be difficult for new companies to get a rating because they take into consideration financial performance. This can mean that it could take years before a carrier is rated. AM Best is the oldest credit rating agency, but it’s just one of many. Other agencies like Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s provide their own analyses.

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It might not be possible for the consumer to assess the financial situation of each insurance carrier without the assistance of AM Best ratings. You may feel more confident or nervous about choosing a company if you know how the carrier will pay claims and fulfill its financial obligations. AM Best is just one tool consumers have to help them find the right carrier for their insurance needs.