What Does Sprint Phone Insurance Cover?

When you’re looking for a phone plan, it can be confusing to figure out which features are included and which are not. With so many different providers offering different plans, it can be hard to know what you’re getting into. One common question people have is what phone insurance covers Sprint phones. Here is a list of the most common features that are covered by Sprint phone insurance: Theft and damage to your phone while it’s in your possession Clearly, this is an important feature because theft is one of the leading causes of mobile phone loss.

If your phone is stolen and you report it as soon as possible, you may be able to get a replacement or a refund. In some cases, if your phone has been damaged while it’s in your possession, Sprint may offer you a replacement or reimbursement. This policy varies depending on the type of damage and whether or not the damage was intentional. Loss of service while your phone is with Sprint If your Sprint device goes out of service for any reason—no matter how long it lasts—Sprint will generally cover the cost of replacing the device or restoring service. 

What is Sprint Phone Insurance?

If you have a Sprint phone and are in the United States, Sprint offers policyholders insurance that covers theft, loss, or damage to your phone. This policy is different from most other cell phone policies because it does not cover accidental damage or drops.

Sprint also has a program called My All-Inclusive Protection Plan (MAP). MAP allows you to add coverage for accidents, loss, and theft, as well as drops and spills. With MAP, you can get up to $2,000 per claim with a $50 deductible.

What are the benefits of Sprint Phone Insurance?

Sprint Phone Insurance can protect you and your phone from theft, loss, or damage. It also covers any accidental damage to the phone that is not the result of an intentional act.

Some of the benefits of Sprint Phone Insurance include:
-Protection from theft or loss: If your phone is stolen or lost, Sprint Phone Insurance can help cover the cost of replacing it.
-Protection from accidental damage: If your phone is damaged by accident, such as dropping it in water, Sprint Phone Insurance can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing it.

Which Sprint Phones are Covered by Sprint Phone Insurance?

Sprint Phone Insurance covers phones that are brand new or have been returned within the last 30 days. Coverage is limited to accidental damage, loss or theft. If your phone is lost or stolen outside of the 30 day window, you will need to purchase a replacement through Sprint.”

To make a claim, you’ll need your phone’s IMEI number and proof of purchase. You can find these details in the “Settings” menu on your phone. If you’re having trouble getting help from Sprint, please visit our customer support page for more information.

How much does Sprint Phone Insurance cost?

Sprint Phone Insurance is one of the most important services that Sprint provides. It covers a variety of accidents and incidents that can happen to your phone, including damage, theft, and loss. There is also coverage for lost or stolen devices.

This insurance can be very helpful in case something happens to your phone. For example, if you lose your phone and it has insurance on it, Sprint will help you get a replacement device. You don’t have to worry about paying for the new device yourself.

There are some limitations to this insurance, though. It doesn’t cover damage done by water or accidental drops. And it doesn’t cover any expenses related to using the phone overseas (such as calling or messaging).

In order to make sure you’re getting the best coverage possible, be sure to read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully. Additionally, contact Sprint if you have any questions about your coverage or how to file a claim.

How do I buy Sprint Phone Insurance?

If you’re looking for phone insurance that will protect your device and cover accidental damage, theft, or loss, Sprint might be a good option.

 Sprint offers three types of coverage: general protection, which covers accidental damage to the device itself; theft protection, which reimburses you for any lost or stolen devices; and loss protection, which pays out if your device is damaged or stolen and isn’t covered by another policy.
Each type of insurance has its own specific benefits and requirements. For example, theft protection requires that you have a active account with Sprint and have been continuously insured since the last renewal date.

 To see if Sprint offers phone insurance that fits your needs, start by checking the policy terms online or by calling customer service. You can also speak with an agent at a Sprint store to get more information about the different types of coverage and what they cover.


If you’re like most people, your cell phone is an essential part of your daily life. But what happens if you lose or damage your phone? That’s where Sprint phone insurance comes in. This type of coverage protects you from a number of things, including theft and loss. If you have a contract with Sprint, be sure to ask about this type of insurance — it might just be the best decision you make for protecting your mobile device and personal information.