What Happens If You Don’t Get Auto Insurance?


You should be aware of the penalties for driving without auto insurance before you decide to skip purchasing it. Although each state has its own laws regarding car insurance, you could face severe penalties if caught driving without it.

These penalties include a $100-$500 fine, suspension of your driver’s license, and possible jail time if you are caught driving after suspension. These potential penalties may not be enough to convince you to buy auto insurance. However, you might get in trouble if you are at fault for causing a serious accident.

You can be held responsible for the damage to another person’s vehicle, as well as any medical bills or lost wages. Personal injury lawsuits can be filed against you. If a judgment is made against you, your assets could be taken or your wages garnished. Shopping for car insurance is a good idea, considering that even a minor fender-bender could cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Although each state has its own requirements, almost all states require liability insurance. If the accident was your fault, liability insurance covers you for the damage to the vehicle and the medical bills of the other driver. However, it will not cover any damages to your vehicle or your medical bills.

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Most states have minimum liability limits. These minimum limits of liability are the minimum insurance coverage you must have for bodily injury and property damage. These minimums may not be sufficient to pay all the expenses of an accident. You could also be sued for any remaining insurance coverage once your coverage is exhausted. It’s worth looking into auto insurance that goes beyond the minimum requirements.

It’s a smart idea to look into the laws in your state regarding auto insurance before you start shopping for car insurance. It is easy to find the name of your state and the phrase “auto insurance laws” by simply entering it into Google. You should only get information from the official government website. There are many websites that offer car insurance quotes and lead generation. You can’t be certain that the information you find about state insurance laws will be accurate if you come across one of these websites.

These sites don’t have to be avoided. They can still prove to be very useful once you verify your state laws. Online insurance quotes can help you find the best car insurance. You can easily compare quotes from many companies to get the best car insurance. You are more likely than not to receive a good car insurance rate if you let them compete for business.

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It is a good idea to get quotes from at least three companies when you are looking for auto insurance. You will be surprised at the differences in rates between each company. You will pay more if you haven’t had auto insurance in a while and if you don’t have a consistent insurance history. Comparing multiple quotes is the best way of getting a great deal. You’ll also be happy to know that your premiums will drop if you have a clean driving record and a history of paying your insurance payments.

It’s not worth the risk to drive without car insurance because of the high cost. Yes, monthly premiums will be required. Driving a car is a responsibility. You must obey all laws in your state and avoid being held liable for any unintentional accidents. To avoid fines, suspension of your license, jail time, personal injury lawsuits, and other consequences that can result from driving without insurance, it’s better just to pay for auto insurance.