What is an auto insurance declaration page?

Contact an agent if you have questions about your auto insurance policy. Did you know you probably already have this information? The majority of your policy information can be found on the declarations page for car insurance. It can be easier to locate your policy information by knowing what this page is, how it works and where it is located.

What page is an Auto Insurance Declarations Page?

An auto insurance declarations page contains important information about your policy. A car insurance declarations page, in essence, is a summary or description of your policy.

On your declarations page, you can find information about your coverage, policy limits, discounts and what vehicles and drivers are insured. You also have the contact information for your agent. The declarations page is often referred to as the “dec” page and is located at the top of your car insurance policy documents.

What is an auto declarations page?

The declarations page of your auto insurance policy contains details about your policy. The declarations page is where you will find answers to your questions regarding your insurance coverage. Each auto insurance company will have its own declarations pages format. However, the following information is common:

Your name and vehicle information

If you are the primary policyholder, your personal and vehicle information will be listed on the dec page. This section will contain your name, contact information, and the address where the car is registered. It is also possible to find the vehicle identification number (VIN), make/model, and year of your car.

Contact information for companies or agencies

Your car insurance declarations page should contain the address, phone number, and name of any local agencies you bought your policy from. Your auto insurance declarations page might list the toll-free number of your company if you bought your policy online.

Lender information

Your declarations page will list your lender and lessor if you have an auto loan, or if you lease a car. The name and address of the financial institution should be included. Every year, your lender or lessor receives a copy from your policy. This is so it can verify that you still have the required coverages. Notify your insurance company if your lease changes or you have paid off your loan.

Policy details

Your dec page should contain the details about your policy. This page will contain your policy number as well as the renewal date. You will likely also be listed your coverages, limits, endorsements and endorsements.


On the declarations page, you will also find information about how much you have paid for your insurance. This information may vary from company to company. The total premium may be displayed. If you have more than one vehicle insured, your price might be broken down by each car or both.

Get Discounts

Your declaration page will likely include any discounts applied to your policy. You might also find discounts offered by other companies that do not apply to your policy. You might find additional savings by reviewing your declarations page.

Who really needs an auto declarations page.

A copy of the declarations page should be kept in every driver’s auto insurance policy. Referring to your declarations page is a great way to determine what coverage you have in case you are involved in an accident or have to file a claim. You can also see your coverage limits, as well as any add-on coverages.

Insurance professionals recommend that you go through your car insurance policy at least once per year to ensure that it is correct. If you have paid off a car loan, notify your insurance company to remove the lender from your policy. You can check your dec page to determine if you could adjust your coverage to include discounts if you feel you are paying too much.

It is safe to assume that all information on your car insurance declarations page matches the information in the insurance company’s files. Your car insurance company should be notified if you have a wrong VIN or name. To ensure that you are fully covered, it is important to keep your policy current and accurate.

How can you obtain your insurance declarations page

You will be provided with a copy your declarations page when you buy an auto insurance policy. Each driver should have a hardcopy or an electronic copy of their declaration page.

You may be able download your policy documents via your insurance company’s mobile app or online portal if you lose your dec page. For a replacement copy, you can contact your agent. A copy of your dec page (electronic or physical) can be helpful if you have to find basic information about your policy.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurer?

The best car insurance company is going to be different for every driver. Every company is different and each one has its own pros and cons. Comparing providers can help you to find the right car insurance policy for you.

What information is missing from the declarations page?

The pages of insurance declarations are often very detailed documents. There is however some information that isn’t included. You won’t likely find your Social Security Number on the dec page. Some coverages, such as rental car reimbursement or identity theft protection, may not be available to you. You should list any coverage you pay extra for.

What happens if my declarations page contains incorrect information?

You should immediately contact your insurance company if you find any errors in your dec page. Notifying an agent is also a good idea if you have a new vehicle, change your name, or add a driver. Once the information has been processed, you will be emailed an updated copy your declarations page that includes the changes.