What Is The Difference Between Ship Cover And USPS Insurance?

The US Postal Service offers package insurance policies you can buy online or in person, or automatically insure certain mail classes automatically. USPS insurance is fully backed by the federal government and guarantees your coverage against potential claims.

However, carrier liability does not extend to taxes or fees related to international shipments such as customs duties and broker fees.


Shipping insurance is an extra service your business can offer its customers to protect their packages against loss or damage during transport. Carrier- and third-party providers offer this service; its cost will depend on factors like package type and value of goods shipped. Shipping insurance can be particularly important for retailers offering high-value or fragile items for sale.

ShipCover offers an affordable insurance policy that can cover up to $100 in declared values for domestic or international shipments, but certain exclusions apply, such as currency, neon items, hazardous material, monitors or screens of televisions, mobile telephones, live animals, plants, flowers, cigarettes/cigars tobacco and plated glass shipments. Unfortunately this coverage isn’t available with all eBay Global Shipping Program shipments nor in all countries where a ShipCover cannot cover deliveries.

USPS and UPS both offer package insurance to help cover losses or damages that might occur during transit, for a small fee. It is advised that businesses consider this coverage when sending expensive shipments; individuals can also take advantage of USPS insurance as an option when shipping packages directly to friends and family members.

Assuring the shipment of costly or fragile products can increase customer trust. By adding shipping insurance, your business can demonstrate to its customers that you take their needs seriously and will go the extra mile for them – encouraging repeat purchases as a result.

When selecting a shipping insurance provider, be sure to review their policies and terms carefully. When looking for an insurer that meets these criteria, look for companies offering affordable rates and an easy claims process – some even reimburse customers quickly for losses caused by you!

ShipCover offers an affordable insurance policy with customizable options designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size, making their claims process straightforward and purchasing through third-party shipping software platforms like Shippo or eBay Global Shipping Program a seamless process. Furthermore, ShipCover stands out among insurers as having one of the fastest claims processes and payment processes around – making their service truly remarkable in comparison with competitors.

Claims Process

USPS insurance is an optional service you can add to your shipments in order to cover the costs associated with lost or damaged items, with its price depending on their declared value and some classes of mail including some coverage free of charge. Purchasing insurance either with your shipping carrier directly, through third-party providers such as PC Postage or Click-N-Ship makes the process incredibly straightforward with no forms required for submission; additionally purchasing online labels makes your package eligible for USPS Tracking automatically!

ShipCover and USPS offer separate claim procedures should your package become lost or damaged during transit. With USPS, filing an online claim using its tracking or PRO number allows you to upload supporting documents like invoices, proof of payment statements, serial numbers for merchandise serialization numbers appraisals. A dashboard also enables users to edit information submitted in their claims, receive status updates and submit additional ones.

Both companies provide customer service both over the phone and online, should you need any assistance, feel free to reach out. Their support representatives will do everything possible to resolve your problem swiftly while their FAQs pages offer further answers to frequently asked questions.

ShipCover or USPS insurance won’t cover every expense related to shipping your package; thus you must still pay any related expenses, like return receipts or signature confirmation services. Furthermore, some products and items don’t qualify for coverage – these may include currency, neon/lighted signs, jewelry antiques trading cards plants live animals automobiles motorcycles perishable cargo similar properties plated glass and stained glass etc.

ShipCover and USPS both provide great benefits to your business. Both provide efficient claims processes with fast resolution times to help ensure customers enjoy positive purchases experiences.


Shipping insurance can be an invaluable asset to retailers selling high-value or fragile goods, giving customers peace of mind while building trust in your brand. But before deciding to use one yourself, it’s essential that you fully comprehend how these policies operate and any possible limitations they might entail.

Most carriers provide some level of insurance on shipments based on the value you declare for them; this helps recover costs in the event of lost or damaged goods, however coverage may be limited and might only apply to certain services or products, for instance USPS does not insure prepaid or expedited shipments and UPS jewelry insurance only applies to more expensive packages and may not cover all services.

ShipCover is an established insurer with an excellent track record for swiftly processing and paying claims quickly, but it doesn’t cover all types of shipments or international services; to add coverage with these carriers you will require using third-party providers like Shipsurance or UPS XCover.

An important consideration when shipping inexpensive T-shirts is how much coverage you need. It may not make financial sense to invest in insurance for them due to time consuming claims processes that can delay reimbursements.

ShipCover denies claims for certain products and situations, such as porch theft, improper packaging and incorrect addresses. You can avoid these problems by using SmartyStreets to verify domestic addresses or UPS Address Validation to validate international addresses.

ShipCover and private insurance options such as Lojistic have partnerships with some of the industry’s leading providers and can assist your business in finding an optimal solution. Third-party options can save money, streamline claims processes and build customer trust – something ShipCover cannot provide.

Customer Service

Shipping insurance can make an invaluable difference to both customer experience and peace of mind for any business that regularly ships packages, no matter the frequency of their shipments. Shipping insurance acts as an emergency measure if something happens during transit that could go missing, arrive damaged, or cause other losses; furthermore it shows your customers you care about their shopping experience by offering protection in such scenarios.

Finding a quality shipping insurance provider is crucial to your business’s success. Look for one with excellent customer support that can assist with claims filing and management as well as regular evaluations of claim trends and carrier performance to make sure that processes run as efficiently as possible. Ideally, the chosen insurer should also integrate seamlessly with any existing shipping software while offering clear communication to your customers about coverage offered.

Most shipping services and carriers include insurance with every parcel they deliver, for instance USPS Ground Advantage offers up to $100 of default insurance with their service; additional increments up to $5,000 can be purchased directly at the post office if sending more expensive items. In addition, private insurers offer comprehensive shipping policies. Lojistic has developed partnerships with industry leaders so we can assist you in finding an ideal policy solution tailored specifically for you and your individual requirements.

ShipCover offers several advantages over USPS insurance, including its easy claim filing and quicker payout times. Furthermore, ShipCover doesn’t require Signature Confirmation on every label unlike USPS insurance does and it also doesn’t mark packages as being insured as that could deter thieves from opening your package intruders. Unfortunately though, one drawback of ShipCover may be its failure to mark them as insured thus making theft more likely than otherwise.

ShipCover does not qualify as a legal insurer and could become insolvent at any time, which could affect outstanding claims and make some buyers leery of using its services. Some eBay sellers, however, prefer ShipCover due to its fast and simple claim filing process.