What Your Insurance Company Will Do For You After a Car Accident

There are many questions about what your insurance company will do for a person who has been in an accident. The most common question I receive is, “My auto is ‘taking care’ my accident, so why should I do anything else?”

Truth is, if you are injured in an accident and it was caused by another driver, your auto policy will only cover a portion of what you are entitled to.

Your auto insurance policy will only pay for the following:

1. Payment for the repair or “totaling” of your car. Your “med-pay” coverage will pay a portion of your medical expenses

Hopefully, your health insurance will pay for your medical bills.

If your injuries and accident were caused by another driver, you may be entitled to additional compensation. All of the damages and losses he/she causes are the responsibility of the driver who caused the accident. His insurance company will pay for your losses up to the limit of its coverage.

Medical bills

The cost of medical bills is the most significant loss that you will have. It is important to remember that even though your insurance has already paid for all your medical bills, the at-fault driver still must reimburse you for 100%. The other driver may be entitled to reimbursement for any medical bills you have incurred after they compensate you. This is likely to be your auto insurance or your health insurance.

It can be difficult to get your entire medical bill paid and your insurance company reimbursed. It is important to remember that you can get additional money for a car accident, even if your medical bills are paid.

Lost Earnings

Your insurance company that covers the at-fault driver is responsible for covering any missed work time. This amount can be worked out if you get paid per hour, and you have not been paid for the time that you were absent from work. Simply show your insurance company the hourly rate multiplied with the number of hours that you missed.

Many people are unaware that you can still get reimbursement from the other driver’s insurer for any earnings lost while you were away from work, even if your employer paid you a salary. It’s perfectly fair. What is the point of a generous employer benefiting the at-fault driver? You must be reimbursed for any wages lost by the other driver if he has caused you to miss work.

Out-Of Pocketet Expenses

Your auto accident will probably result in significant out-of pocket expenses. It is possible to spend a lot on things such as medical copays, rent a car, prescription costs, travel costs, and even rent a car. It is unlikely that your auto insurer will pay for these expenses. However, you are entitled to be reimbursed by the at-fault driver for all these expenses and any other out-of-pocket costs. Keep all receipts for out-of-pocket expenses.

Suffering, Pain and Disability

If you were the victim of a car accident, you are entitled to damages for your pain and discomfort and any disability. It is hard to figure out how much an injured person should get for pain and suffering, and many people neglect it and miss out on significant amounts of money.

Consider determining how much you should be paid for pain and suffering, and disability. If you imagine a stranger having the same injuries and experiences as you did, ask yourself what you would give him if you were a member of his jury. We offer sacral helpful examples. This is not an easy task.


You should remember that even if your car was struck by another driver, your insurance company does not pay you anything. Your insurance company should pay the majority of your compensation.