When Annuity Leads Ask For Info, They Are Really Asking the Agent to Drop Dead

Annuity prospects can be generated from any source, including radio, television, the internet and newspaper ads. They may also ask for additional information before setting up an appointment. The prospect is implying that they don’t trust you enough to move on to the next stage. The prospect is asking the agent for the key information, and then they want to go. The best way to respond verbally to people who are unwilling to make an appointment is to tell them that they need to meet with you if they want to get the key information about safe funds. You might also tell the prospect that you can lose your license if you send any materials that contain specific information. If you are still unable to get an appointment, plan B is a system that builds trust. Through many conversations, trust is built over time.

How does one gain trust in a new relationship with another person? Perhaps it’s time to read the story of the peacock. They have been sharing their secrets for years, but they failed to sell annuity brokers. The peacock’s secret is to show off your brightest and most beautiful feathers, and then show them again and again. A drip campaign with your marquee item is the best way to showcase your feathers. A marquee item that distinguishes you from others. A marquee item that exudes credibility. It is easy to do. Send five letters to promote annuities. Each letter comes in an envelope announcing your marquee product. If the agent is willing and able to purchase airtime, consider becoming a radio personality. Here are some ideas for what you could put on your envelope. John Agent hosts the Safe Money Retirement Show

KCBS RADIO 710 AM, Kansas City. Even if the prospect/recipient never opens the envelope, they will be able to see that the agent is present and that he/she specializes on Safe Money Choices. You have a better chance of making contact with the prospect and setting up an appointment if you have received five letters. How many agents have a drip system to send leads? Because of the time-consuming effort associated with such campaigns, almost none. Until now.

A new industry emerged recently that can send you letters and envelopes. You only need to fill out the database. These new services offer online databases that allow you to manually transfer or block one or more records containing contact information for prospects. The correspondences will be sent immediately after the data has been uploaded to the online database. There are also services that can populate your database. Every lead that you receive can automatically be placed in the drip program. It takes very little effort by the agent to get the correspondences to the right person. It is very inexpensive, at less than $1 per letter. If you have 400 leads per annum and each person receives 5 letters per year, your total cost is less than $2,000.

After the five correspondences have been sent, the system will email the annuity agent informing them that the prospect was repeatedly educated about you and your expertise. It will be a surprise to see how many people are willing to meet you now, compared to the 5 weeks ago when they would not have agreed to meet. One provider has already sent ten letters promoting Safe Money concepts and indexed annuities. You can also search for “annuity drip program” to find companies that will help you with the mailings.

Summary: Leads are vital to your business. Like many annuity salespeople. You must have a credible follow-up system. This element will help your practice thrive. Your formula for a successful practice is actually quite simple. You can get 40 leads per month by either purchasing leads or using a self-generated system like radio or seminars. Each lead will be transferred to the drip system, which will soften the prospect enough to make it more likely that they will meet up after receiving the five correspondences.