When You Need Cash Fast, Turn to Your Gold Jewelry

The plan for buying a piece gold jewelry is to wear it. What if you become bored with the piece? You might find yourself in dire need of cash, but you don’t want the traditional borrowing route. Atlanta gold buyers will help you find the right piece of jewelry and cash to get you by.

Beware of Scams

These signs may be posted on roadside poles, telephone poles, or in newspapers proclaiming that “We Buy Gold!” This doesn’t necessarily indicate that the buyer isn’t legitimate. However, there are some things you should look for in Atlanta gold buyers.

It is important to find someone who has been in business for a while and is familiar with the gold market. These businesses usually have a brick-and-mortar presence, which is a physical location. Online research can often help you find out their reputation, or you may know someone who has done business before.

Learn as much information about your product as possible. What is the karat worth and what is it worth per gram today? You should be wary if your price is higher than or lower than what you believe the market average value to be.

Characteristics of a Reputable Deal

Knowledge is the key. Dealers who have been in business for a long time also have established relationships with influential people in the industry. They will be able to offer the best price possible.

Your appraiser will be available to you one-on-one. No matter the reason, you can expect discretion at Elan Diamond Group and the highest respect for your privacy. Trusted member of Atlanta’s gold buyers community, you have access to the most current industry knowledge.

Your jewelry may contain one or more types of stones. You don’t have to remove the stone from the setting, which could cause damage or even permanent scarring, but you might find that the buyer is interested in them and will value them separately.

Atlanta gold buyers are available to help you with broken pieces, old necklaces, rings, or just cash. Your transaction will be treated with dignity and respect by knowledgeable appraisers. You can expect cash on the same day that your appraisal is completed. Additionally, you will be offered the best market price if you choose a trusted dealer.