Where Is The Best Place To Buy Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance provides short-term financial coverage that may help meet immediate needs such as raising children, paying off debts or building wealth. Compared with permanent options like whole life policies, term policies often prove more cost-effective.

The top life insurance providers combine reasonable premiums with exceptional customer satisfaction scores and strong financial strength ratings, while we prioritize insurers offering policies which can be converted to permanent coverage.

State Farm

State Farm is a major life insurance provider that sells term and whole life policies, offering an expansive selection of policies. Their customer service stands out, as do their excellent financial strength ratings, along with their track record in paying claims on time; but they have received mixed customer reviews on third-party review sites.

State Farm customers can get a quote online or contact an agent to discuss their circumstances. An agent will ask questions to understand your family’s financial goals and needs before providing guidance on selecting an ideal policy type for them – providing holistic financial protection plans as part of this service.

State Farm offers term policies with terms spanning 10, 20, and 30 years, featuring an optional return of premium policy that promises all premium payments back should there be no payout at the end of that term – available for policies up to 30 years with amounts starting at $100,000 coverage.

State Farm was recently recognized by JD Power’s life insurance customer satisfaction survey and offers an easy app that makes managing all your policies in one convenient place simple.

State Farm is known for providing home and car insurance policies at highly competitive rates, but also boasts competitive life insurance rates that rank in the top 15% for terms and whole life policies in our 2024 Bankrate term insurance study. Unfortunately, though, its underwriting for applicants with moderate to serious health conditions is less accommodating; furthermore, none of its term policies offer an accelerated death benefit rider, something other companies typically provide.

Protective Life

Protective Life is an excellent choice for anyone in search of term insurance coverage, offering competitive rates and extensive options at an easy to use website. Calculating costs, receiving quotes and even applying online are all offered. However, those interested in whole or universal policies will require inquiring with an agent for pricing details and policy options.

Protective Life offers an impressive variety of terms and ages, such as 40-year term coverage – something rare in the industry – as well as universal life policies with cash value components that may appeal to those looking for permanent plans. Furthermore, Protective provides terminal illness accelerated death benefit riders that pay out early should you be diagnosed with terminal illness.

Protective Insurance not only offers competitive life insurance rates but has earned an exceptional reputation for customer service. Their agents are friendly and knowledgeable while the company has a lower complaint index than other insurers. Protective also offers its customers helpful tools such as an estimate calculator to estimate how much life insurance coverage they require.

Protective offers term life insurance policies designed for those in good health that can be purchased quickly and easily online, but older or people with a poor medical history require speaking to an agent and going through an exam before being approved for coverage. No matter your health status, always compare quotes prior to making any final decisions and find one that fits both your needs and budget.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha provides life insurance policies at both term and permanent levels, in addition to offering Medicare supplement insurance and annuities as supplemental financial packages. They have over 100 years of experience, are located in Omaha Nebraska and have offered coverage since 1901. They focus on offering both term and permanent policies with competitive pricing options for coverage options – especially term policies with flexible renewal dates that make the policy affordable over time.

Mutual of Omaha term policies come in various lengths and with premiums that are significantly less than the national average. Furthermore, Mutual offers living benefits on its term policies – terminal illness riders as well as chronic illness riders are available. Furthermore, this company also provides return-of-premium policies, where part of your original premium could be returned in case you outlive your term policy term.

Mutual of Omaha provides more than life insurance products; they also sell fixed annuities and medicare supplements through group sales, agencies and independent agent networks. Furthermore, Mutual offers health and accident coverage, banking services, critical illness protection plans and retirement planning tools as financial services.

When comparing term insurance quotes, take the experience and customer service ratings of each provider into account. Some offer better rates than others while some may require an easier application process. You can quickly compare quotes by entering your information on our site – we will then provide a list of rates tailored specifically to your area and policy type so you can select one that suits both your budget and lifestyle needs – you can even compare multiple policies from multiple companies at once!


Ladder is a young company offering term life insurance online. Their goal is to make finding and purchasing affordable coverage easy without needing an agent’s services. Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company in most states issues Ladder policies while in New York they partner with Allianz Life Insurance Company of NY for policy issuance.

Lader offers an easy online application and quick quotes in under five minutes. They gather basic personal details such as your height and weight, gender, sex, smoking status and financial data such as mortgage balance or annual income; it may require medical records or complete an in-depth health history questionnaire; however they don’t conduct physical exams themselves.

Ladder stands out from traditional life insurers by not offering riders to customize your policy and add additional benefits. Riders allow you to increase your death benefit or waive premiums in case of disability – among others – however Ladder believes these riders simply add another layer of complexity for no significant added value; although terminal illness riders do come standard in certain term life policies.

Ladder Life Insurance may appeal to consumers looking for flexibility when it comes to term life coverage, unlike other digital insurers like Haven Life. You have the ability to adjust your coverage as your needs evolve – something not possible with Haven Life. Reduce or increase your face amount or apply to increase it; the per-thousand-dollar cost will decrease proportionately with each decrease of coverage – Laddering provides an effective alternative to purchasing an entirely new policy or letting an old one lapse.


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