Who Is The Girl In The Farmers Insurance Commercial?

Farmers Insurance and RPA have joined forces to unveil 16 TV, social and digital ads featuring their iconic “Professor Burke” spokescharacter. These spots emphasize that some things cannot be compromised on, like quality insurance and savings products.

Thomas Forsythe, a Farmers agent from Southern California, submitted this entertaining video featuring his customer being hit from behind by a clown and becoming rear-ended. Thomas was selected as the grand prize winner of this spot’s contest.

J.K. Simmons

Farmers Insurance has hired Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons as its spokesperson in its newest campaign. Featuring TV, digital, and social ads designed to demonstrate that some things should never be compromised on or compromised on; such as wedding DJ services and insurance. Farmers uses humorous scenarios in its ads to demonstrate that customers don’t need to choose between quality and savings when working with us.

Simmons, born in Detroit, has had a distinguished career as both an actor and voice actor on Broadway, films and television. His best known performance came as Whiplash where he won both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award; other movies where he made appearances included Juno, La La Land and Spider-Man (1, 2, 3). On television shows including Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Oz (both from HBO), plus TNT series The Closer as regular cast member (NBC series Law & Order and TNT series The Closer).

Simmons is best known for his dry humor and memorable characterizations that never fail to make audiences laugh, and one of the most recognizable voices on TV and advertising world. His Farmers Insurance commercials can often be hard to miss or forget; many viewers recognize him alongside Allstate Mayhem and Progressive Flo as iconic insurance characters.

Farmer’s Insurance has joined forces with RPA ad agency to launch its latest campaign. ‘Cul-de-sac of Compromise,’ for example, shows what can happen when people try to cut corners to save money; other videos feature people being terrified by clowns or having their mother’s funeral interrupted by overly enthusiastic caterers.

“Runs in the Family” is a made-for-social video in which a family member attempts to convey the importance of having Farmers insurance to another. Additionally, this spot features real-life Farmers customer Thomas Forsythe who has been with them for 30 years and loves their reputation for service and competitive pricing – in particular locality; his neighborhood often hosts film and TV shoots; this time though his own home would serve as the backdrop for national commercial.

Nikki McKenzie

Nikki McKenzie stars in a new Farmers Insurance commercial, where she shows the absurdity of everyday situations without quality coverage. Farmers offers quality insurance at great savings while not compromising coverage – not only in television spot but also online and social ads!

Farmers is inviting viewers not to skip its ads by offering spectacular displays that they won’t want to miss in one or both TV and digital spots, including one featuring an individual dodging yardwork before being struck by lightning and another featuring his bride being hit by her husband’s car walking down an aisle. Ads end with the hearty chorus: “Bum-pa-dum!” In digital spots, Farmers is encouraging viewers not to skip ads by offering spectacles they won’t be able to miss!

This campaign’s goal is to raise awareness about the necessity of quality insurance while showing how convenient Farmers is, competing against GEICO and State Farm for customers based in Torrance, California with approximately 300 agents. RPA developed advertisements featuring real-life scenarios.

Some scenarios in the campaign are drawn from real stories from real Farmers employees, providing an authentic glimpse of their dedication and service commitment to customers. Though some incidents may be somewhat fictionalized, they all show that Farmers will always be there when you need us.

Commercials were shot in Los Angeles and Torrance, California and show an array of bizarre events that can occur without insurance – for instance a doctor being rear-ended by an unlikely clown and another being stuck in the middle of a hailstorm are both shown here.

Nikki McKenzie is a Filipino American actress and comedian renowned for both her dramatic depth and comedic skills. She has appeared on television shows such as Seal Team, Hawaii Five O, Magnum PI, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Prank Encounters, Lonestar 911 as well as being part of Moon Goon (UCB Diversity Showcase Alumni House Sketch Team) while most recently making an appearance in A Vineyard Christmas rom-com film.

J. Jonah Jameson

J.K. Simmons has become widely recognized for his roles in critically-acclaimed movies and television shows such as Juno, Spider-Man movies, Up in the Air, Oz and many more. Additionally, he lends his voice to animated projects including Marvel Cinematic Universe and Invincible. At 66 years old, Simmons is currently working on an untitled sci-fi action movie as well as adapting Goliath into film form.

He has appeared in multiple roles, such as that of CIA superior in Burn After Reading and sadistic music teacher in Whiplash. Furthermore, in addition to acting he has directed and written various films, including independent comedy Being the Ricardos.

Even as an accomplished businessman, he remains dedicated to journalism and adheres to its fundamental rule: protect your sources. Even going so far as going to jail rather than divulge the identities of those who provided him with key information is something he won’t do.

In comics, he serves as editor-in-chief for The Daily Bugle newspaper and holds an ongoing vendetta against Spider-Man due to his actions, including killing an innocent civilian and attacking The Bugle itself. Recently however, due to declining sales and losing star reporter Ben Urich – declining sales have become problematic and forcing him to sell off The Bugle altogether.

Jameson is married to Marla Madison and has two children; Mattie Franklin is known as Spider-Woman in public. When Jameson discovers this fact, he threatens to expose it and reveal her identity to everyone.

Jameson was raised by David, who neglected him and his wife and was frequently violent towards them both. This caused Jameson to develop an intense dislike of both heroes and villains alike; later though he became close with Richard, later still becoming a journalist himself.

J.K. Simmons has made himself known not only in television and movie roles but also commercials since 2010. As the face of Farmers Insurance since 2010, he has garnered multiple awards for portraying Professor Burke, becoming an iconic representation of their brand.

J.K. Burke

Burke has established herself as one of the premier public artists, both through bronze bricks in Boston and artistic manhole covers in Minneapolis, and painting. Her works can be found listed in the Smithsonian Archives of Painting and Sculpture as well as relief carving. Renowned for bringing whimsicality and fantasy into even mundane objects through relief carving, Burke is also renowned for her skill as a relief carver renowned for creating relief sculptures that play with consubstantiality and property issues in her sculptures.

Nikki McKenzie soars high in her latest Farmers Insurance commercial featuring her as a superhero, shot in Jupiter, Florida and set to air as early as Friday and Saturday nights. As part of its ongoing commitment to aid people during difficult times, Farmers Insurance pledged $1 Million through World Central Kitchen for off Their Plate, an initiative supporting frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers as well as restaurant shift employees impacted by COVID-19 regulations.

“Don’t Compromise” is an RPA campaign which encourages homeowners not to succumb to temptation when making key decisions. Comprised of 16 digital, social, and TV spots that humorously show what happens when homeowners compromise on things such as baseball tickets, the ads are part of this effort to encourage homeowners not to make deals when necessary.

J.K. Simmons is widely respected as an actor, having appeared in critically acclaimed movies and television series such as Juno, Spider-Man movies and Up in the Air. Additionally he can be heard as the voice behind M&Ms commercials; moreover he played Benny Southstreet in 1992 Broadway revival of Guys and Dolls revival play “Guys and Dolls”.

Well-known for her flamboyant style and flair for theatre, Burke is widely recognized as a versatile artist today. She has received multiple accolades, such as winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Sister Act, being nominated for numerous Golden Globes and Tonys as well. Burke graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Finance from University of Virginia; an accomplished professional with more than three decades of public and private sector leadership roles experience.