Why $100,000 Income Insurance Marketers Are Rarer Than Prime Rib

Why Insurance Agents Fail 85% of new agents go bankrupt within the first 18 months. Usually, there is a pattern of failure. Agents enter insurance with high expectations for a good income. Agents spend 80% of their time prospecting for the right prospects. Agents are not given the right tools or methods. Presentations are a neglected area of the business. The sales resulted in a small income that is not sufficient to sustain the family.

A quality lead system can prevent up to 50% of agents from failure.

Why Insurance Marketers Fail Amazing, but it is true. Their death is almost an mirror image of the failures of new insurance agents. Insurers have high hopes of earning at least $100,000. In reality, it can be as low as $40,000. They spend 75% of their time searching for agents to sign contracts. Their prospecting agent source was not refined so when they do sign an agent they must cross their fingers. This means that 50% of the agents they contract do not produce cases or premiums. Insurance marketers are often unproductive and do not qualify for bonuses. Insurance marketers’ career span is usually less than three years.

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Two thirds of the candidates would be successful if they had a consistent direct mail campaign that used quality agent lists.

WHY SOME INSURANCE MASTER MARKETERS DON’T QUIT? Quite a few minor league insurance marketers supplement their income by writing insurance policies. This is a grey area because they compete against the same agents that they want to recruit. They must write policies to pay the bills.. They are looking for business from a broker who has left the company. Policy holders are notified by an urgent phone call that they need to review their policy and make a service call. Insurance marketers will help you transfer the coverage to another company. This is how a new broker can get their commission and the bulk overrides.

You can’t make $100,000 working $15 an hour. Many insurance marketers routinely call random insurance agents by telephone. This activity is done by between 40% and 50%, I believe. The job is just as efficient if you hire someone for $15 an hour. Their shadow is looming. You can see the rise in cell phones and the $11,000 fines for calling any number on the do-not call list. This heavily relies on house phone calls as a dying dinosaur. A qualified telemarketing company should handle phone solicitation.

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INSURANCE MARKETERS MAKE AT LEAST $100,000 INCOME. 80% of the most successful insurance marketers use similar principles. They understand that money is required to make money. The money must be spent on attracting new brokers and agents. This means getting your message out to the top insurance writers and not spending too much. They must have the best possible target market list. They will often mail top agents at least three times in a 12-month period.

Insurance marketers who are successful understand the importance of their time. They maximize their time by sending out mailings, ads and holding seminars to keep them on the move. While enough time is given to recruiting, it is important not to forget about the existing agents. They manage their time, budget and a steady flow of communication with prospective and contracted brokers to earn six-figure incomes.