Why ALL Webmasters Must Have a Website Insurance Policy

Are you a webmaster? If yes, then please continue reading. You can skip it now,

Okay, now that you have stated you own a site, I want to ask you again: “Have your website/s been lost before?”

If you answered NO, you’re a lucky man. Have a great life. ;o)

If you answered YES, then this article is worth reading. Promise that I won’t bore your with useless fluff and other stuffs. This will be a 137-second-long read by a webmaster who is passionate about the importance of website insurance.

OK. We are here…

Let this sentence stay in your head for a moment.

As a webmaster, I am responsible for the risk of losing my website(s).

If you need to, read it again.


It sounds cool, right? Your website could be lost at any time. Your webhost, your designer, and your mom are not in your hands. This is not something you can blame on your webhost, your cat, or your dog.

It is important to understand that you, as the webmaster and the author of the website(s), you are responsible for its success (and failure) too.

You, the creator of something, have complete control over it, even if it is delegated to someone else.

You are still responsible even if you have hired a webmaster/programmer to update your website. You are the owner of the website/domain, and have the final say in what happens to it.

This is why the concept of ownership is so important. Your website will only exist if you own it.

This is a common solution that is often overlooked, and is always the subject for pointing fingers (between your host and you or your hired webmaster). However, it is your only insurance against website disasters.

That solution, my friend is simple: do WEBSITE BACKUPS.

It’s all in capitals, I’m sorry. But it’s essential and a must-have for all webmasters. Although it’s simple and straightforward, the absence of this is fatal to your online presence.

Imagine what it would be like to lose your website today due to server meltdowns or DOS attacks, hacking issues, server hard drive crashes, suspension by your host, deletion by your host, and other potentially disastrous situations that you don’t want.

These are the things you need to do. Are you willing to let go of years/months worth of hard work, cash and time investment and the earning potentials of your website(s), and throw them away?

Online disasters can strike at any time, even as you are reading this. Webmasters have to deal with this sad reality every day. Murphy’s Law can always work against us, as we all know.

Do you have backups for your website and databases? Are you able to afford website insurance?

We are not responsible for the websites you create. Our webhost is not responsible. Not our programmer friend. You and I!

Backups can also be good for your health, as you will see. Backups of your websites will not only provide security, but also peace-of-mind. Everybody wants to feel safe and secure. You want to be able to rest comfortably at night. It’s great for your soul and good for your body.

Do you now know what to do? Great! Get it now.

After reading this, you can start to make website backups. This is your best online insurance.