Why Invest in Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund’s Dividend Plan?

Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund Dividend Plan has been a top-rated equity fund that has proven its ability to deliver excellent returns for investors. It invests in stocks of established companies that have the potential to pay the highest dividend on invested capital. It invests mainly in stocks of giant and mid-cap companies. Because it is multi-cap, some of its assets are also allocated to small- and big-cap companies. This plan is known for its excellent dividend returns.

Let’s have a quick look at the current position of Reliance Equity Fund, (D).

The NAV of Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund has been monitored at Rs. 31.0525 at August 14, 2017. It has declared Rs. It declared Rs. Many investors have seen a good run, with the capital gaining growth. It also outperformed its benchmark (S&P BSE 100) by a substantial margin, according to its trailing returns. Reliance Equity Opportunities has consistently provided good returns to investors over the long-term.

Many times, it has been said that investing in dividend mutual fund is a good investment. Is this true for all investors? This can only be recognized after you have reviewed the pros and cons of mutual funds that pay dividends.

The Advantages of Investing In Reliance Equity Opportunity Fund Dividend Plan

  • Source Of Income: This is the main benefit of this fund. This fund provides investors with a reliable source of income that can be used to support them in many ways. Investors can receive dividends by investing in stocks of profit-generating businesses. You can use the dividends to pay your regular expenses, or you can reinvest them to increase your profits.
  • Additional Benefits: This plan offers additional benefits for long-term investments. The investor can reap an additional benefit by reinvesting the total return, which is roughly 45% of the total amount reinvested. Reliance Equity Funds have a long history of generating high returns to their investors over the long-term. This plan is for investors who are looking to get more dividends and earn additional benefits.
  • Volatility factor: Most dividend-paying companies are well-established, cash-rich businesses that can withstand difficult market conditions. Another benefit to investing in the dividend fund of a reliance equity fund? Less risk of market volatility.

The dividend funds can provide income, but the best way to get the most out of them is to reinvest the earnings.