Why Selling Life Insurance Is Better Than MLM Or Network Marketing

People will buy only what they want. Although no one wants to purchase Life Insurance, they do so because they need it. MLM usually sells the most recent and greatest idea, thing, or concept. It is hoped that people will purchase it to use as visual aids to encourage others to make similar purchases.

Life Insurance is different in that you cannot purchase it. You can only apply to it later to see if you were approved. In order to receive Life Insurance protection, people are more inclined to apply for it. MLM’s are all about the pursuit of the dream. The dream is not real. It doesn’t matter what product or service MLM offers, it’s never necessary. MLM’s don’t offer anything you need. It’s all about the feeling of wanting more. MLM sales are more about imaginary hype than actual experience.

We Know We All Die

We all die in this world. To escape this world, you must die. Reality tells us that someone will mourn our passing when we are gone. Reality tells us that we must be buried, and that this comes with a cost. It can cause hardship to our loved ones, interrupting the grieving process and creating a financial burden. It is like not applying for Life Insurance. You are not responsible for your family’s needs and the burdens that may be imposed on them.

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MLMs do not have this kind of power. MLM products include cell phones, lotion potions and pills as well as legal services, water filters, make up, and legal services. It’s true that a cell phone is a great option if your car stops working in the middle of the night. A judge will tell you not to return to court without a lawyer. This makes having a legal plan crucial. But, what happens if the product is no longer needed? Life Insurance is only available for a single time. Because no one knows when their death will occur, the plan is meant to protect us every day.

Unsuspectingly, the Unexpected Happens

Unexpected deaths are always possible. A week ago, I was watching the news when a teenager boy made the winning basket in high school basketball game. He then died minutes later. It was so sad that at a time when he, his friends, and family should have been celebrating, they all became mourners unknowingly. Life Insurance isn’t sold for this reason, believe it or not.

Life insurance is not sold for what is. What do you consider the most important thing for the family in the story that precedes this paragraph? The parents did not say that their son died, but I doubt they thought so. To be honest, I doubt they even thought about insurance. Life Insurance takes the worry out unexpected situations. When you have what your family needs, peace of mind means that you are able to rest assured. Life Insurance can pay off the mortgage on a home to ensure that the family has their home after the breadwinner dies. Life Insurance can fulfill a need that MLMs cannot.

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Life Insurance Does Not Have To Be A MLM Product

What happens if a company tries to combine Life Insurance with an MLM product? This is where the need disappears. An MLM seems to be a way for you to stay on top of the latest trends. Life Insurance is not a part of this trendy thinking. Financial authorities highly recommend and respect Life Insurance as it is part of a regulated sector. The difference in selling Life Insurance is that you must take a state-sponsored exam to become licensed. Although the exam is easy, many people feel intimidated by the idea of having to take it.

The best thing about working in a licensed industry is the fact that anyone trying to mislead others or cause harm can be quickly removed and barred. This protects both the industry as well as the efforts of individuals who are truly interested in helping others.

Marvin Kane, a marketing guru, believes that the internet offers a level playing field for everyone who is passionate about exploring its depths. Check out Mr. Kane’s current work to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives.

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