Why Should I Care About Title Insurance?

22-year-old college student. I have been trapped between a cramped dorm room, and my parents’ lumpy couch for the past couple years.

One year until graduation, but my future is bright: I will be paying off student loans up to the age of forty. I will likely rent homes and not buy them in the next ten or so years.

I’m not being pessimistic. Realistic.

What I’m trying to find out is: Why should young people in my situation, i.e. the struggling college student, care about title insurance? It seems like something that someone older or more financially secure would be able to handle.

Title insurance is something I am well aware of. This is obvious enough. I have seen the infomercial in which the man loses his house. It was very sad. It was sad.

Some of my older friends, the more mature ones, have been whispering to me about title insurance. They are persistent and I have tried to ignore them.

They don’t get my indifference to something as important and vital as title insurance. They don’t understand why I am so disengaged and unconcerned. They tell me that I don’t care about title insurance. I don’t care about title insurance.

I don’t have my bathroom or my home. I wouldn’t purchase car insurance if my car wasn’t in my possession. So why should I worry about title insurance if my home isn’t in my possession?
It’s not worth it to make a big flipping flop about.

Title insurance or its lack, is it important for us, the down-trodden college student, frustrated Gen Yers, hopelessly bohemian-minded youth of this time? It will never be.

Here’s what I know about title and insurance. Don’t worry, I don’t know much about title insurance so this will be a short paragraph.

These are the things I discovered after a quick ten-minute look at the Meridian Abstract and Title website.

Title insurance protects homeowners from potential defects in their property titles. It protects them against any legal mistakes and protects them against any potential claims or liens.

Title insurance is so important because it protects homeowners from forged wills or deeds, and also protects them against fraud.

We all know that identity theft and fraud are the most popular crimes of today, so title insurance is more than just a recommendation from a seller. It is a necessary part of buying a home. Is it really necessary?

Today I climbed off my couch and laid on the ground, staring blankly at ceiling. I was thinking this thought at the time. I should really get a lower sofa so my fall to the ground would be less painful.

It’s sad. I am a 22-year-old college student who sleeps on a couch made for a ten-year old. To go to the toilet in the morning, I must cross three prepubescent teens. My daily conversation revolves around MTV or Spongebob Squarepants.

The yellow, absorbent creature is a pleasure to me. But, as I lay on my hardwood floor, counting the staining on my ceiling, I realize that I need my own place. Fast.

After consulting my Tootsie Roll bank, and adding up the 32 cents and fluff I realized that it wasn’t going to be easy to get a place of mine.

My checking account is horrendously low, my savings account isn’t much better, and the nest eggs my parents saved for me years ago cracked under much stress, fatigue, and money.

It is obvious that I am stuck on the couch. Over breakfast, my sister will tell me about the adventures of Real World cast members. It’s unavoidable.

My friends older than me ohh and tells me to look for homes at reasonable prices. One of my friends says, “Take out another loan.” Did he forget to mention that I have seven school loans already?

He smiles. He is so intelligent. He says it’s a risk, but you’ll have a home. Yes, I will. I will, until they repossess. He frowns, and I think about removing him from my email contact list.

My girlfriend, the newly married one suggests that I borrow money to my parents. Because her husband bought her a house, she’s thrilled.

It is so unfair. I stare at her outstretched finger, which has ten carats on it, and smile at her. Yes, I will borrow money from my parents. Perhaps they will lend me the money that I borrowed last week.

Her eyes roll. Another friend to remove from my email.

I take a mental note, and then consider my options. These people don’t get it. I’m a college student. It’s like going back to childhood. I can’t own a house because of my constant dependency on my parents and the late night whining as you remember you have an exam tomorrow. It keeps me from caring about title insurance.

Perhaps I’m over-exaggerating. I’m not out of my league when it comes to title insurance. I can own property. I am a college student and I plan to buy an education. I have the entire world and all of the real estate available in it.

The caffeine high lasted about five seconds. Now, back to reality. I’m not a title insurance person. For now, I will only see the real estate available in the world and not buy it.

I am not pessimist. I am a realist. Title insurance doesn’t seem to be very important to me at the moment. It shouldn’t.