Yellow Pages Or Google Pages For Insurance Agency Lead Generation?

These days, where are your fingers doing the walking? It was a catchy slogan in those days, and even though major purchases are no longer allowed, people continue to let their fingers walk. They just happen to be using a keyboard to navigate the phone book. Google’s stock price of $500 per share seems to be a convincing proof, as Google and other search engines have evolved into the Yellow Pages of the future, offering both consumers and advertisers significant benefits.

Customers are increasingly turning to the internet for information and products. Are you thinking about insurance for your company? Are you looking for property and casualty coverage? Are you looking for healthcare insurance? It seems tedious and slow to pull out the Yellow Pages and search for the letter “I” in the book. Then scan the page to find an advertisement for insurance agency lead generation. While I occasionally use the Yellow Pages to search for someone to clean my gutters, or deliver mulch to my house, that is rare and only when it is necessary. I will most likely display an insurance agency’s message over the Internet if it is important for me, my family, and my colleagues to receive their message.

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There are two options to show your Insurance Agency name on a Google Search Results Page. The first is free and the second comes with a charge. This is the Pay Per Click Ad (PPC), which allows you to use Google AdWords for a small ad at the top or side of organic Google search results. When someone clicks on your ad, they pay a small fee. It is a theory that clicking on your ad means they are interested in your product. You only pay if they click. You may not be qualified buyers, but they could also be your competitor. If they click, you still get paid. It might cost only a dollar (or less) per click. If you click 10 times per day and pay two dollars per click, then $600 is spent in a month. That adds up over a year to $7,000 While you have the option to limit your budget or decide how much to pay, there is a better way to get listed in the organic Google search results. Organic results, which are the 10 results that Google considers the most relevant to the search query, are superior for several reasons.

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1. These users consider them to be really relevant because Google “found them” them based upon content criteria.

2. You don’t pay any fees for the appearance of your website. If your site is displayed more than a thousand time (in a thousand search results), you still have zero costs.

3. It doesn’t matter if competitors or unqualified buyers click on your organic search result (your website link), since there are no associated costs with organic clicks.

Optimizing your site so it appears on Google’s first page search results (or Yahoo or Bing), is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This includes both on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On page optimization refers to the placement of keywords within your content and the underlying HTML codes (Header tags. Alt tags. Keyword Description. Page titles. Site maps. The following keywords might be used in a marketing campaign for an insurance agency: Truck Insurance. Fleet Insurance. Freight Insurance. These keywords could also be used to identify local or regional insurance agencies. Truck Insurance Massachusetts, Truck Insurance MA and other similar keywords could be used. External links, blogs and ePublishing are all examples of off page optimization. SEO is both an art form and science. If resources are available, an insurance agency can perform it internally, or outsource it inexpensively. The prime page 1 Google SEO search results look great and are a marketing gift that insurance agencies can keep giving.

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