Young Car Drivers Insurance – Bringing Down The Costs For Young Drivers


Young drivers are a risk to the roads and insurance for them will be more expensive than it would for an experienced driver. Motor insurance companies may not cover young drivers, particularly if they are new drivers or have provisional licenses. This is due to the difficulty of finding insurance for young car drivers because of the statistics.

Statistics Speak for Themselves

The UK has some worrying facts about young drivers. These statistics must be changed by young drivers in order to make them safer drivers. These are some statistics that lead to insurance companies charging more for young drivers.

An estimate shows that one-fifth of all serious traffic accidents involve drivers younger than 21 years old.

Around 3,000 young drivers are injured or killed each year on Britain’s roads.

One out of five drivers who learn to drive will crash within their first year. These crashes are usually caused by driving at an excessive speed, losing control of your vehicle, and accidents at night.

Young Car Drivers Insurance: Get the Best Deal

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There are many things you can do that will lower the cost of car insurance for teenagers or new drivers. After looking at specialist companies, you can purchase your insurance online. Online companies offer a 10% discount if you purchase through their website. This is a great way to save money, and it’s also easy so you might as well try it.

Insurance companies would love to know that the young driver has taken extra lessons or completed a special course to improve their driving skills. You are considered a safer driver and therefore less risk by the insurance company if you take the Pass Plus program or another similar course. The Pass Plus program will teach young drivers how to drive in different situations, including night driving, all-weather driving, and town driving. Passing this program will get you a discount of 20-30 percent from many insurance companies. You will save more money on your insurance premiums than you pay for the course. This is a worthwhile program and well worth your time.

Avoid high-performance vehicles. High-powered cars are more expensive to insure, especially for young drivers. For your first car, choose a smaller, used vehicle. Insurance premiums will be lower if the car is smaller and less expensive.

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When you are able, park your vehicle in a garage. By doing this, thieves will be discouraged and insurance companies will offer you a discount on your insurance if you store your car in a garage at night. You should avoid any license violations. Insurance premiums will rise for every violation.

Although many people use their parents’ insurance to cover them for their cars, this is not legal if your car is owned by them and you are the primary driver. You are violating the law if your car is yours and you are the primary driver. In this case, your insurance company may not pay you if there is an accident. You can keep your premiums down by adding a young driver if you are able to do so.

There are many ways that young drivers can get insurance. You can also lower their premiums. You can search the internet to find the right company for you.

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