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Your insurance website can be used to generate insurance leads and clients for free. You can make minor adjustments to your website and clients will find it. This will allow you to generate insurance leads free of charge. Make the changes. You don’t need to pay if you can use the internet to drive traffic to your site and start receiving insurance leads from people who are interested.

You are lost when everyone outside of your circle doesn’t know you exist. You are definitely lost in the internet twilight. The internet is the magic tool that can magically create miracles for more buyers. You begin to search for companies that build websites. You then hire a website design company to make your website appear online. Your website will look like a real gem thanks to their incredible artistic abilities.


Only associates and clients are visiting your website. They can find it by using your company name. You still have not seen many visitors after a year. Website designers do only what you tell them. This is to create a beautiful website and have it published on the internet. They weren’t paid for this or didn’t have the necessary knowledge to make behind-the scenes code changes. These missing pieces prevent you from being a competitor to other websites on the internet. This prevents you from obtaining free insurance leads.

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These search engine companies are supposed to be honest. However, if you were solicited by them, you should be aware that making quick money is their motivation. It is not a priority to make your website searchable by potential customers so they can buy your product. It is a common fraud to have your website listed on 1,300 to 3,000 search engines, directories, meta crawlers and directory portals.

The scammers will get you to submit these directories for a special price of $287.00 today. You have just been ripped off when Google controls 60% of traffic and Yahoo, MSN and Ask 30%. They take just 10 minutes to submit your site to other directories using a well-known program. Traffic does not mean being listed on many search engines or directories that have millions of sites. Beware of operators who charge hundreds to $1,000 for a top ten listing in Google.

These are 5 easy to implement SEARCH OPTIMIZATION MUSTS. – NO CHARGE

These two techniques are simple but so effective that even SEO pros rarely use them

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Let’s assume your company is called “Jones and Smith Insurance”. Selling Long Term Care Insurance is your main product. How do you expect someone to visit your website to purchase Long Term Care Insurance? Your site domain name is probably, and the title of your insurance website is Jones and Smith Insurance. It is unlikely that any description was provided for your site.

Unless you are so proud of your achievements, you must make a decision. Is your insurance website going to collect mold? Or, would you rather receive free insurance leads from people who see your insurance website listing and visit your website to inquire about purchasing? Your top keywords for insurance must be included in your domain name. Get a domain name that ignites flames for as low as $10-25 Using gives Google and Yahoo key words to evaluate and list your site above those with domain names using too common keywords. Other example would be word examples like illinois-professional-financial-plans, or chicago-annuity-investment-advisors, or national-individual-major-medical.

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Your website title should not exceed 5-6 words. Your website title should include keywords that reflect what you are selling. The website title “Individual long Term Care Insurance Sales” or National individual major insurance would be a great choice. This informs Google and Yahoo that your site sells insurance. They will need this information to rank your site higher than other sites without a descriptive title.


You have two to three sentences to describe your company and the product you are selling. If you don’t have a description, you can find it here. Click View on the page header, then click Page Source. Scroll down a few lines to find this. It should be exactly as follows: meta name=”description”, content=” You must copy it and paste it into your website editor if it is not there. You want to help Google with key words in your description. This is a sample for the insurance website. This should be placed between the quotation marks. “Jones and Smith Insurance of Boston ranks as the top-selling long-term care insurance. We offer a wide range of high-rated long-term care products for those over 50.

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These key words are what search engines use to determine your content. Use 3-4 word combinations, and six is enough. Click View on the page header, then click Page Source. This will take you to the page source. It should be exactly as follows: meta name=”keywords”, content=” You must copy the text and paste it into your website editor if it is not there. In the box above, type something like: Chicago senior income protection, Chicago long term insurance policies, Chicago ltc policy, best long-term care, Chicago long term insurance.


Get rid of all the fancy images and designs. There is only one way to help search engines. Instead, provide them with a description of your insurance products and services in 300 words or more. In your paragraphs, make sure to use all the keywords phrases that were mentioned previously. This page is what internet search engines see. These should be the keywords you want people to use to find your site. You will receive phone calls and emails if you use long keyword phrases such as the one in the above example. Follow these 5 simple corrections to get free insurance leads.

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You could easily climb the ranks of any one of the 500,000 insurance sites. You have a lot of competition with 12,000,000 pages in Google search for long-term care insurance. These five tips are rarely used and will help you rise. Your search terms can be very specific and you could easily reach the #10-100 spot depending on your skills.

You can also use another two dozen tricks and tips to optimize your website so that traffic flows where you want it. All of these tips and tricks could help you land the coveted number one to 20 position for “long-term care insurance”. Applying the tips here, our website ranks in the top 1-18th place for over 200 key terms on Google. All of our internet inquiry leads come at no cost. You should also be receiving free internet leads for insurance and clients.

Make sure your website generates income for you.