Stop Chasing Your Leads and Start Building Trust to Truly Succeed

You’re thinking about using online marketing to grow your insurance company. For many people starting out, it’s easy to get lost among the sea of leads-selling websites. It seems so simple and beautiful to use lead generation websites. “We’ll give 20 leads for free!” Oder “Our leads can be generated online in real time.” As you all know, […]

Why Insurance Direct Mail Results Totally Demolish Telemarketing Efforts

After you have become an insurance trainee, an insurance company office may try to guide your future. You and your long-time insurance professional share one thing in common. You are both in business for yourselves. You are not reimbursed for gas, time or costs associated with obtaining people to learn more about your insurance products. You can save […]

Insurance Email Newsletters Services – Internet Insurance Advertising Promotion Savings

It is easy to overlook insurance email newsletters services. Internet ads are more expensive than high-cost internet advertising promotion costs. Learn how email newsletters for insurance can help you save big on your website insurance promotion. You won’t get many visitors to your website when you start building it. To get traffic, you will need to advertise your […]

White Hat Insurance Agency SEO Methodologies

White Hat Search Engine Optimization Your insurance agency should be familiar with terms such as insurance agency SEO, search engine optimization for insurance agencies, or search engine marketing for insurance agencies. This is the process by which agents try to get their websites to page one on Google’s or Bing’s search engine result pages (SERP). Two […]

How to Optimize Insurance Agency Video for Effective Insurance Agency Web Marketing

The web-centric approach to insurance agency marketing is changing rapidly. Many agencies have developed more interactive, professional and attractive websites for their insurance agencies and are now trying to take advantage of social media marketing opportunities. To maximize web marketing effectiveness, insurance agency web marketing campaigns should include web-based videos. It is crucial that brokers and agencies incorporate […]

5 Effective LinkedIn Strategies for Insurance Agents

Nearly all of the insurance agents I know have created a LinkedIn Profile. But that’s it. This social media platform is not recognized by them as a powerful tool for networking. Most people have a sketchy profile. This doesn’t include their photo and connections are other insurance agents who have asked them to join. Many don’t actively seek […]

Three Health Insurance Leads That Can Generate a Continual Income

Insurance agents need health leads that can generate a steady stream of income. You must realize that there are many potential clients who are willing and able to listen to your ideas and then sign up to what you have. It doesn’t matter what type or insurance you present to potential clients (automobile/health, home, life), it […]