5 Tools That Make Investing Easy

Setting up an investment account can help you make more money quickly if you have some savings. As you learn more about investing tools, your options will increase.

Get into the Stock Market

You can download TD AmeriTrade, a stock brokerage program that allows you to invest in stocks. You should look for one that allows you to see sample trades, and that lets you purchase fractional shares. You might not be able afford to buy one share of a global retailer but a fractional shares will still make you money.

Splitting your investment dollars into percentages is a good idea. You can put 50% of your investment dollars into an index fund that earns money every time the Dow Jones or S&P 500 go up. You can put 20% in tech you are interested in, 20% into international growth funds and 10% into green technology or any other area that appeals to your heart. ETFs and exchange-traded funds can be found with a specific focus on market areas.

Invest in Private Companies

You might be interested in a specific industry, or would like to help a start-up business succeed. A private investment company may offer the opportunity to set up an investment fund that allows you to follow the sector that interests you most.

Assure allows you to support the founders you admire, the industries you believe in, and the areas you see growing. Many business professionals can now work remotely thanks to the expanding range of options available. The world is shrinking and our connections are stronger.

Invest in what you value

Fair Trade, Socially Responsible Companies and Climate Change-Responsible Companies are more important than buying your coffee.

Many ETFs are designed to make life easier for people in developing countries. Robinhood allows you to trade ETFs that are focused on helping microbusinesses in developing countries.

Invest in Green Technology

There are many ways to invest in green technology. You can join the local REIA (Real Estate Investment Association) and look for builders who are interested in increasing the number of homes in your area with solar energy options.

Global green-tech is also possible. You can invest in companies that help solo entrepreneurs build their businesses in developing countries. However, you could also look to give these businesses access to low-fuel generators such as solar power generators and water purification systems to their communities. This will promote stability and health. As Fair Trade investors, you will need to verify the claims of investment companies and review their returns.

Invest in your Community

Check out the growth plans of your local government. Do they need investors to help open grocery stores in underserved communities? Is your city in need of better internet access to allow financial technology companies to relocate?

It will take time for many returns to be realized in your community. There may be some resistance. People will sometimes invest in businesses that are expanding to improve their offerings or increase profits. However, when a community is trying to attract more people, they can hold on to the past. To attract residents interested in the community, look for companies that encourage a smart city approach.

Your portfolio can help you build a better world. It’s easy to get started. Instead of lending directly to one person, small business or community, you can join up with groups such as those who buy Green ETF funds. Investing is a way to vote for organizations you believe in and support.