6 Month Car Insurance Policy – Save Money With 5 Easy Steps


Follow these easy steps to save as much as 50% on your six-month automobile insurance policy. People often only require car insurance for a brief period of time. For example, for six months. There is no reason why you should not be able to get short-term car insurance and still save money.

Some people don’t need to have car insurance for a prolonged period. There are many reasons that a person might only stay in a particular area for six months. They may not need insurance for their car for the entire time they are there.

There are many reasons, but some people may be on temporary assignments for jobs in another part of the country. In these cases, they will need to have their own car insurance.

A person could also have a second residence in another state, but only be able to stay there for six months. Because I live on the Florida coast, I know of people who do this. People around here have condos and fly from their homes up north to get them. They will usually have a car at both places.

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This is the best way to save money if you only require auto insurance for a brief period.

These are the 5 steps to follow.

1. A liability policy is better than comprehensive and collision insurance if the car you wish to insure has been paid for. This will save you 20% on your insurance costs. A liability policy is required in most states. However, you don’t need comprehensive coverage unless you make payments on your car. To protect their investment, finance companies may insist that you have full coverage insurance.

2. A high deductible, such as $1000 per incident, will save you 40% on your insurance. High deductibles are a good choice for any type of insurance I purchase. It results in lower premiums. Because I don’t worry about deductibles, I have a $750 deductible for my health insurance. I only care about catastrophic losses.

Anyone who chooses to have a high deductible should ensure that they have sufficient money to cover any expenses if there is an accident.

3. Get the safe driver discount. Statistics show that most people who drive safely will not cause an accident. Insurance companies understand this and will offer lower rates to people who have safe driving records.

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Driving school can remove points from your driver’s license if you have been involved in traffic incidents, such as moving violations or an accident within the past five years. This will remove the stigma insurance companies attach to poor drivers. This will remove the stigma associated with poor drivers trying to get car insurance.

4. Compare at least five companies online, then call your local agent to ask if he can match that price. It will surprise you how much comparison shopping can make a difference in how much your insurance costs.

Always ensure that the quotes you request from direct insurance companies when you do your comparison shopping. Because they do not use agents, these companies can save you money and don’t have to pay commissions. This saves money, which will in turn saves you money.

5. You should cancel your insurance as soon as you are ready to leave the region. This will prevent you from being charged for insurance that you don’t need.

Jimmy suggests that you buy temporary car insurance if it is necessary. It can save you money and be more affordable than a 6-month policy. Follow these instructions and avail of discounts offered by insurance companies to applicants for automobile insurance.

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